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  1. Dice N Stake

    This is roughly what I got from the 370 clues I did for the competitive season 3! I did use 1 super ticket on myself though 😛
  2. Dice N Stake

    I could see the donations channel working but no need for the suggestion channel. Vouch for donations, no vouch for suggestion channel.
  3. Dice N Stake

    I'm extremely hype for the possibilities of what could come out for Season 4! I've loved Season 2 and 3 so far, can't wait for Season 4! But thank you for the breaks in between 3 and 4, I need a rest XD.
  4. Dice N Stake

    Wooo congrats everyone and congrats myself for winning two categories ^_^ 😄
  5. Dice N Stake

    Thank you for the avatar and sig combo! I really like it, and that took no time at all. I appreciate it man! 😄
  6. Dice N Stake

    Product: Both Text 1: Yeet Text 2 (optional): Trusted Dicer Color(s): Gold and Black Theme?: Gambling Picture (optional): We have talked in game, I'm "We Back Yeet" I just never knew how to tell you what I wanted and I feel like this is better XD.
  7. What a sick update, I honestly can't wait to start grinding for devious on my ironman now!
  8. Dice N Stake

    Do I count as a friend since I'm your son or? Seriously though congrats!
  9. What's the current issue? For what it takes to get Completionist cape, the effects of the cape are not very rewarding.What's your suggested way of fixing it? To be able to fuse other capes and/or replicate the stats of other capes that you must own. For Example: Using an Infernal cape on the Completionist cape makes the regular Completionist cape turn into a Completionist Cape [IC]. Giving all the stats of the Infernal cape onto the Comp cape. This would be able to be done for all capes like, Owner cape, Prod Cape, Executive Cape, Extreme Arcade capes etc. Though I'm not quite sure how putting the operate function of the Owner/Exec Capes while also keeping the operate for the comp cape. Maybe it just copies the stats and not everything else which kind of makes it useless in a sense for Execs/Sponsors, but maybe it can get figured out :D. Possibly this could be the option to fuse all the extreme arcade capes, but I doubt most people would like that as of right now since Comp cape isn't quite useful/easy to get. Just a thought.How will this benefit player/server? It'll benefit the players who have/are going for completionist cape by letting them use their hard earned cape while also not losing out on damage because they want to use the cape they spent 100s of hours grinding for. Server wise, I think it'll give more of incentive to skill as you can get a pretty much custom cape for just spending time doing some grinding. When people get bored, they might not log off, they might instead afk skill a bit to go get closer to the completionist cape, which means players will stay on for longer. How could this be expanded in future? Being able to add personally made custom capes to it/adding effects to the cape. That's all I could think of at the moment, but I would love to see what other people can think of as well!What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) I can't think of anything honestly. If there is something that I'm missing please let me know ^_^
  10. Dice N Stake

    No reason why it shouldn't be a thing. Vouch! 😄
  11. Dice N Stake

    I'm going to go with no and here's why. There are not enough bots out there to have a real impact on the competitive leaderboards. The current rank 1 for overall skill level works his ass off. Also on top of that, botting is allowed in the rules of Dreamscape. It's a competition to get first place within in-game rules. Are there really any truly efficient bots? I doubt a bot could do any skill as fast as me/faster, plus there are skills like scavenger/gambling that there are no bots for. Now I'm not saying people can't make these bots, but for someone to put in the time and effort to code, test, debug, test again etc would take too much time. Maybe if it's nothing but botters filling up the leaderboard, then okay we should have a look into it. Otherwise it's fine how it is for now.
  12. I can finally join one! IGN: We Back Yeet Discord: We Back Yeet#7138
  13. Bet, I'll be there! IGN: We Back Yeet
  14. Dice N Stake

    Thanks for the guide, helped me a lot! Happy late Easter 😄
  15. Dice N Stake

    Hello, With very few having the completionist cape and the cape giving little to no benefits, I feel like a forum badge is a nice little extra bonus to the people who put in the time/effort to get a cape that takes ages to get. Now I don't know how long it would take to make as I know pretty much nothing about graphics design, but my idea for the badge is a rainbow color scheme so, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, from left to right, or whatever looks the best with the closest color scheme to rainbow, and it would say "DS Completionist" with the effect on the DS like every other badge or even a new effect if seen fit. You could request it like how you request the other ranks, with your in-game name, a screenshot of your stats, and a screenshot of you wearing the cape, but it can not be cropped and you wearing the cape because you can buy the cape without being able to wear it. Something like that, it could be worked out to be better. I would love to hear the thoughts from @Bodhi and @C O G N A C, as well as everyone else. Thank you for reading. ^_^ PS: Don't know if this is the right place to post a suggestion for forum things, if not sorry XD.