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    For revampsWhat's the current issue? Convenience in accessing Player-Owned Shops. What's your suggested way of fixing it? I suggest that there should be a way of accessing players' player-owned shops via their individual listings. It would be nice to have the ability to access players' shops through clicking on the player's name on the seller column. I've included the screenshot below to show what I'm referring to. https://gyazo.com/ca23ff054926aee1fa89066c7a579aef How will this benefit player/server? The suggestion I'm making will mostly benefit our player base by allowing them more ease in accessing player-owned shops. I personally have found it tedious typing in player names every time I check their shops. This feature would help by reducing the amount of times that we need to type out player names to do so. I know that this may seem like it's not a serious improvement, but to me, small convenience-based improvements are very appreciated. How could this be expanded in future? This may be complex or difficult to code, but it would also be neat if you could click the item name in POS listings to compare other players' listing prices. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) I personally do not see how this suggestion would have a negative effect on the server. It may end up speeding up item sales, and I'm thinking that wouldn't be such a bad thing. Of course, provide your opinion if you choose to consider this suggestion.
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