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  1. 420 Blazing

    I must say I absolutely love the Time you took to make this Guide More then enough information on all the forms of Gambling. Makes me almost want to start gambling haha. Great work!
  2. 420 Blazing

    420 Blazing
  3. 420 Blazing

    I have been farming sire crystals for a while now and they are definitely the way to go for now. it takes a little time but definitely worth it.
  4. 420 Blazing

    Awsome to have you with us! Message "420 Blazing" if you need any assistance or want to chat
  5. Updated have been Awesome and Looking forward to future updates aswell!
  6. 420 Blazing

    Thank you for taking time to make this Guide! I have been looking for a decent guide!
  7. 420 Blazing

    I am not sure what to say Yes Chat does get spammed big time and would be nice to have Specifically picked "Advertisers" but then again its a 50/50 thing. I suppose if people limit it to every 15-20 seconds per Advert (each) it might solve the spam issue a little? just throwing out an idea
  8. 420 Blazing

    That is one Exquisite Costume you have there man.
  9. Thank you for this Guide! love the Details you put into this post It has definitely helped me a little to do it faster now it just time to grind my life away to 85
  10. 420 Blazing

    Username : 420 Blazing Rank In-Game : Extreme Donator Proof (Screen shot) :
  11. Really Enjoying the update! Looking forward to forth coming Updates!

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