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  1. RAN-D

    Thank you guys! I could really appreciate the fact that you all want to help me out, I've been playing for a few hours now and I can tell I might have figured out the basics of the server. Its was a rough journey since this server is so unique is any way possible. If I'm stuck on some points I defiantly will send you a message first! Thanks!
  2. RAN-D

    Hello dear DreamScape members. I just wanted to make some quick introduction to let you humans know that I've joined the server since yesterday. Now I've immediately made an Ironman since I enjoy playing this the most on any kind of runescape. The thing with dreamscape tho is that its pretty big and complex for starters so if any of you could help me out and explain me most of the basics that would be great, I could really much appreciate the help. So just a little bit about who I am. My name is Randy and I am 26 years old and still enjoying runescape to this day. I've already been playing this game for the last 16 years. On and off we all know how it goes. But I'm always returning and I was looking for some more fun. So at one day I decided to go on to private servers. And I just love them, the smaller communities really give that special feeling for me. Still playing a bit of RS3 on the side but mainly the RSPS now. Now I have been playing some other server for a while but the updates they were coming just made everything to easy for people. Thats why I am here now today. So give me a warm welcome. You might be wondering where my name is coming from. My forum name will be known as 'RAN-D' this exactly comes from my full name RANDY just a bit shorter and cooler looking. Now my ingame name is 'Arte' and this comes from the company I've been working at the last 4 years which I really love everyday. I like to do a lot of sports beside my loving job and my passion for Turtles, if you ever wonder about one of these things you can always send me a message on Discord. Unless I'm asleep or at work I usually respond very quickly. Since my phone just like everybody else is a big deal of there lives. You can find me on discord under the username of 'RAN-D#9539' I'm going to leave it to this now. Because probably nobody will take the time to read my whole story but I can continue for so much longer. Give me the warm welcome I deserve, and I see you all soon enough! Let's all bring peace and joy.

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