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  1. Ruffy

    I appreciate it! I've had a lot of people help me out so far - such a welcoming community!
  2. Ruffy

    Hi all! My names Ruffy - I've just stumbled across Dreamscape and will be trying it out this evening. I'm an old school player '07-'10 and am looking forward to getting back into a new community similar to what RS used to be (with some custom features, of course)! I hope to learn more about this community and get to know many of you in the days/weeks/months to come. Take care and see you in-game.
  3. Ruffy

    I play a lot of Rust, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and I'm looking to get into this server a bit as well.
  4. Ruffy

    I think this is a great idea; especially during these crazy times and having been locked away for so long. I hope more people follow suit and join you.
  5. Ruffy


    Hi! Welcome. I'm new as well, hope to see you soon.

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