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  1. hoax 19

    I vouch, i think a simple change of color to one of them would work rlly well, and i have seen some slight confusion around it being a pet and not pet box. Another idea (kinda meh idk) -If we could trade in 5-10 of the mbox pets for pet mystery box or something along those lines could be a cool way for players to be able to use the extras they have if they opened alot of mboxes.
  2. hoax 19

    I VOUCH, sadly i never saw the floating island, would love to see it :). -Maybe have 2 dice zones? ::dicezone (same place) ::flowerzone (floating island)
  3. hoax 19

    i just feel like when the prize for advertising is almost double the prize for winning we should have a better system for it, i know its not that big a deal i just feel like we could refine it. Thanks for your insight and quick reply. -hoax 19
  4. hoax 19

    you should definitely join discord https://discord.gg/4UPXqT there is usually an average of like 4-10 people on so it can be fun to play while in the vc's, and we do daily events where you can win 40m+ and there are pinata party with event boxes which are super worth it if you are new.
  5. hoax 19

    Format your suggestion into this (just click edit) What is the content called (answer) How does it work? (answer) What rewards does it give? (answer) How will it benefit server/players? (answer) How could it be expanded in the future? (answer) What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) (answer)
  6. hoax 19

    i think i should win the discord member of the month
  7. hoax 19

    What's the current issue? A lot of players have jobs that might require them to go on a buisness trip or get called in randomly making it impossible for them to keep ELO every day, and if a player goes on holiday for more then a day, or camping and cant get to internet/computer, he will lose his ELO. What's your suggested way of fixing it? Add a donation to be able to have ELO protection for few days, so like $5 for 3 day of protection and it would only go off if they didn't do the required ELO kills for one day. How will this benefit player/server? The server could make a lot of donations from players with high ELO that want to go on vacation for a week, 6 days would be $10 in protection fees, and the player would be able to keep his ELO. Also if it costs donations and people are doing it frequently they might say "hmm, ill get plat to not pay any more protection fees." How could this be expanded in future? Wouldn't really need to be, maybe with every $100 you could get a free protection period. What negative effect could this have? I don't really see a negative, maybe would take away from the exclusiveness of the protection that plats have.
  8. hoax 19

    Sadly Owner Cape is untradeable, the points would trade into 25 Eternal Khiones Staffs which would sell for around 600-700m, the owner cape isnt over 700m IMO, if you wanted cash just get the EKS and sell them, but if you want a cool untradeable and don't need money too bad, i would go for Owner Cape because it will one shot anything other then these NPC's https://dreamscape317.fandom.com/wiki/Owner_Cape#NPC's%20Where%20OC%20Doesnt%20Work (thanks Coffee(1atte) for some info on cape)
  9. hoax 19

    Yeah, i guess what i was meaning is that if your plan is to kill Diablo for 1000 kc to get the claw, you could have only Diablo tasks and get slayer points for the whole time you kill him, and not have to worry about ever resetting task which takes time.
  10. hoax 19

    Welcome RAN-D! If you ever want to chat on discord in the voice chats they get lit, we can also help you with in-game stuff. hope to see you there, Hoax 19
  11. Every event held by Gene i will be doing 50 Pushups if i lose, and 100 if i win, taking a workout break in-between her events, then switching to sit ups instead of push ups, i encourage others to join me and do the same haha, see you there. -Your health is important, Hoax 19.
  12. hoax 19

    Ive ran through it with huntir a few times, he is very good and fast.
  13. hoax 19

    Would be interesting to do a mini dungeon crawler, i think having ELO there would be good to encourage players to play every day and maybe have it so they can get ELO kills from those dungeons to encourage use, would take a long time to code a whole new gamemode though, so i could see changing up an arcade to start you off with beginner gear and and when you get drops in that arcade it saves to you inventory so you are basically trying to get as far as possible with you gear until you eventually get strong enough gear in the arcade to go to the end. -Just my thoughts, Hoax 19.
  14. hoax 19

    What is the content called - Anywhere Slayer+ How does it work? - Platinum players can start a slayer task by right clicking on a monster/boss and clicking “start task” Anywhere Slayer+ What rewards does it give? ability to do slayer on any current raid or boss that has a task that they are already fighting to get points on top of drops How will it benefit server/players? Make a dynamic of the game that would help platinum players be able to get slayer tasks done quickly therefor making it more fun/worth for them to kill bosses and not have to reset tasks until they find a boss task. How could it be expanded in the future? add a platinum slayer shop with non trade-able xp lamps or something around that line, so they can spend all the points they get. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) The slayer shop items could semi flood the market from plats if they all do slayer all the time on every kill.
  15. hoax 19

    What is the content called Platinum massacre - RAIDHow does it work? New Raid that would take place in platinum zone, where you spawn in plat zone and have to kill all the platinum members (there statues), and when someone else becomes plat there would be one more enemy to fight and they could put a custom message for it to yell, would work essentially like Falador massacre but harder. What rewards does it give? The rewards could vary from Whatever normal raid items you would put in to a raid (maybe some plat shop exclusives). How will it benefit server/players? This would benefit the platinum players because they would have there self immortalized in a raid forever.How could it be expanded in the future? Would be cool because the raid would grow progressively harder as more players became plat. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) none

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