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  1. bowlcut

    It is really easy to be staff member in DS since we have the BEST community ever! Much appreciation for every single dreamscape player! K3
  2. How is everybody doing today? #DSGANG

  3. bowlcut

    Punch your neighbour?? Then u have to get outside your room.. doesnt make sense!
  4. bowlcut

    You are 2nd best.. after me K3
  5. Well since they are tradeable i think the ammount of coins for the key is pretty accurate.
  6. bowlcut

    Tob, hydra, nightmare, raids been buffed recently. Alot to do.
  7. bowlcut

    I vouch for the idea but other items should be added in there not DC exclusive items. It is easy to farm arcade tokens and having pretty much end-tier items in there will have a huge negative inpact on eco.
  8. bowlcut

    I have mixed feelings about this one since ultimate tribrid boots and gloves are pretty much best in slot (for boots) and 2nd best in slot (for gloves). If you can semi afk it, it would lose the purpose of the grind itself and make them way easier to achieve. I like the idea though especially the one that they will become untradeable if this goes forward but if they will still be tradeable they will drop alot in price. Although thankyou for an amazing suggestion :)
  9. bowlcut

    Hello man how u been? Can you plase make a support ticket.
  10. bowlcut

    Hey man can u please make a Support ticket.
  11. bowlcut

    Big vouch for me! Opening X number of caskets is really fun and amazing content for youtube videos. Thankyou for an amazing suggestion.
  12. bowlcut

    Only 134 days gameplay here and with this community/staff it feels like im not even playing enough. I enjoy every minute on DS it feels like im taking a break from everything and just chilling ! #DSGANG Love y'all!
  13. Wow! Thats a really juicy monthly loot box!
  14. bowlcut

    I hope you get well soon man. Keep positive vibes as much as you can and surrounded by people who you love and love you back. It will help overcome this situation as fast as possible.
  15. bowlcut

    For new contentWhat is the content called The Funny Bone! How does it work? It will be the same challoenge setup with brackets but instead of planting or rolling each will have to say a joke in discord. There will be the 1v1 setup, each of those guys will tell a joke. The joke that gets the most "haha"s will move forward. What rewards does it give? The rewards should be the same as the existing daily events. How will it benefit server/players? It will make people laugh, it will make the events really fun and closer to each other. How could it be expanded in the future? There could be subjects included for the jokes to make them even more challenging for each day. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) I don't think this would have a negative effect. EDIT: Cherry owns the 50% copyright of the idea since this was kinda happening in her EVENT! Bowlcut out K3

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