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  1. Love this thread . Mostly i do daily tasks, events , doing achievements for achievement cape. I also camp Hydra and Skotizo and sometimes DC arcade when im tired and i want to make money while chilling xd .
  2. That sounds like a good idea man but can you please follow the format and post in the suggestions tab: https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/forum/78-suggestions/
  3. AYE! always down for karaoke events #HYPE! A) YES, B) 2-6 pm EST for me C) Cant decide xd #DSGANG
  4. Amazing content as always! This update is huge and im sure everybody will love this.
  5. Happy monday everybody ! Hope you guys have an amazing week! K3

  6. You guys are making me hungry.
  7. Welcome to Dreamscape Camulod. I hope you enjoy your time here and if u have any questions related to the server or you just wanna hang out and chat feel free to contact me on discord or pm me in game. Im glad you gave Dreamscape a chance and i will guarantee you will have an amazing time with our beloved community.
  8. Hey man make sure to train karma for karma slayer and grab abyssal sire tasks, thats a really great money maker especially for the beggining. Also try to join raids especially if someone with OP gear is killing them for dailiers. You can vote and sell the vote boxes and tickets, while doing the daily tasks for extra reward. Everyday we have Nightmare masses which are hosted by our Plat members. Try to join them as much as possible since its pretty much 2-5m guaranteed each kill just by the coinds. Join our events that our amazing Event managers host daily and suitable for every Time Zone. The
  9. These are insane deals. I figure these will go really fast so make sure to grab them asap!
  10. Whats up Kat. Welcome to Dreamscape. If you want to chat or need help of anykind feel free to pm me ingame or in discord. I believe you will have a great time with the best community that we have in Dreamscape.
  11. Dreamscape always makes it fun!! Woot wooooot indeeed #HYPE!
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