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  1. This Update is HUGEEEEE...I cant stress enough how amazing this update is.. Beautiful work K3
  2. bowlcut

    Lmao someone has to stream that if you're willing to join hoax K3
  3. The fun and amazing time you have on these events its literally a WIN for everybody. I keep telling myself that since i never win xD. Amazing events K3
  4. bowlcut

    I totally VOUCH for hepha..He is a really great guy with huge knowledge of the game. I think he would be an amazing Wiki Editor.
  5. bowlcut

    Purchasing ownercape will give you Sponsor rank and u will have access to Sponzor zone where u can 1shot alot of npc's and make b0nk..
  6. bowlcut

    Really hard to pick only one of them. Amazing nominations and best of luck guys.
  7. bowlcut

    Even that chat gets spammed a bit it doesnt last for long its like 10-15mins max two-three times per day, so overall i dont think that is a problem at all.
  8. bowlcut

    What's the current issue? Pet mystery box and Mystery box pet look exactly the same. What's your suggested way of fixing it? Change the design of one of those. How will this benefit player/server? It wont be confusing especially to new players who will have their bank unorganised and cant tell by looking at it. How could this be expanded in future? That wouldnt be expanded in the future. What negative effect could this have? No negative effect at all plus it can be a new sick design on it which will be amazing to see. Thankyou.. Bowlcut out!
  9. bowlcut

    If anyone has any idea to add to this suggestion please do. We all want whats best for DS and for us.. K3
  10. bowlcut

    Amazing guide! Thankyou it will help me alot not failing especially on Verzik. K3
  11. bowlcut

    Really amazing work. Covered most essential things about Hydra. Really good work man thankyou for the guide!
  12. bowlcut

    The best guaranteed money maker in DS to be fair.
  13. bowlcut

    Staking could be a nice add in the game. It would spice it up a little bit xD.
  14. bowlcut

    Almost 5 years now on and off. Once you start Dreamscape RSPS u can't really quit xD. What about you ?

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