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    rank request extreme donator https://gyazo.com/298e1d99e8325c4e8e00883b24accd9d
  2. warning070

    so i had the idea since it always hard to buy items that ther might some kinda auction thing that like example person trys sell a item like 10q and ppl can like bid to a maximun of 10% of the ofer the person puted so like 10q than like 10%ontop that can be outbided and maybe like a person want a items and ther non in pos maybe person can pay upfront for a item once its in pos it automaticly buys kinda like a ge kinda thing also that way prices might be stable it kinda idea i had for time tough was kinda stupid but tough wel i might put it out since many ppl have problems buyin items so ppl wil overpay for items