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  1. coldott

    all goals accomplished
  2. coldott

    What's the current issue? batman set needs an buff What's your suggested way of fixing it? i think we should add like dr ddr to it since its not being bought/used alot at the moment beacuse dream range has the dr How will this benefit player/server? it would be more traded/used and will be held at a steady price instead of fluctuating to much How could this be expanded in future? maybe put in hidden bonus in it What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) i mean it would mean alot of more people would do more dc arcade then already
  3. coldott

    wonderful work u done here
  4. coldott

    getting 100k tokens takes me like 1 hour so only way is to make it like 15m for one piece since plats can get 1m token easy aswell
  5. coldott

    vouch i vouch the idea of revamping the shop but adding batman set would be to much considering it will lower the price of the items and would make it way to easy to get bis range set other then that its an good idea
  6. hope you all have A GOOD WEEKEND

  7. how is everyone's week going so far? :)


  8. coldott

    ah yes im not suprised gene is rlly good at her work on dreamscape
  9. dam im bout to no life the nightmare boss
  10. coldott

    most valuable thing to buy is the royal boxes atm and if u want a jump start in the game consider buying descimator setup
  11. coldott

    welcome to the server been having fun in discord alrdy with ya and if u ever in need of help pm me or any staffs online
  12. coldott

    thank you so much for the kind words
  13. coldott

    imagine not having claw alrdy lmao
  14. eyyy this sounds so dope
  15. who is excited for the next update!! ❤️

    1. splitrunner


      i think bonger need to get a claw then we will get a update

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