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  1. as alot of you guys know i havent been active and since then i decided too resign from staff team its been a pleasure and a wonderfull journey but ive got alot of irl stuff too do so i wont be online at all for a while i wish you all best of luck i would like too say thank you too adams and willy for giving me the oppertunity too join the team and a thank you for the people in the community
  2. if you head too https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/support/ and make a ticket there please
  3. gratz too lilahoff qwakamoly and coffe for the promotions well deserved boys


  4. its been too long since we last spoke but it has been a pleasure being apart of ds with you its sad too see you go but you do what you have to do we will all miss u very much and i hope all goes well in the future
  5. congratulations for all the nominees well derserved all three of you my vote has been casted
  6. doing 500 tob runs is painful

    1. PoonSlayerツ


      Thats cuz you aint plat... Gang gang #platgang  XD

    2. Kingdom Come

      Kingdom Come

      Doing it is painful, receiving the trash can loot is straight depressing.

  7. a day without dreamscape isn't complete 

    1. Bonger
    2. Andrewd


      Thats awesome haha, Hope your having a good day my man


  8. i vouch this idea i would love too se this content added
  9. yes 100% vouch i love fashioncape myself and would love too see this added
  10. hypeeeee squad letsgo another great update what else to expect from the best team
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