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  1. Another packed update im so hyped time to camp diablo again Xd
  2. i luv these events even tho i lose all the time
  3. coldott

    this gun be fun to Watch Xd
  4. coldott

    nice guide my dude
  5. coldott

    welcome to the server hf playing :9
  6. coldott

    im on 2-3 weeks atm and plan to stay atleast 40 years more Xd
  7. coldott

    no vouch for me like willy and regis said it isnt a big deal and i feel like most people get advert price anyways
  8. coldott

    this game has made me into a nerd and cant stop playing
  9. trying to rebuild sence i got cleaned going aight atm Xd 

    1. Mattie


      yo stfu cold stop gambling you noob

    2. Mattie


      ya gotta NOT gamble. noob.

    3. Mattie


      noob 100% thats why im more powerful . haha. pk me noob. dh ::Funpk

  10. coldott

    sounds good in general ill vouch this idea would love new content
  11. coldott

    looks dope my man pretty noice costume
  12. coldott

    not rlly any Point of this since plats dont do slayer no vouch for me
  13. coldott

    glad to have u here welcome to dsgang if u in any need of help pm me and ill do my best
  14. coldott

    nice guide sadly i dont do iron man since im a noob
  15. coldott

    see you there mattie k3

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