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  1. Excited to try out the new Daily Tasks, and look forward to the Skilling! Thanks everyone.
  2. QuietBoy

    This is a win win all around.
  3. QuietBoy

    Thank you for being my dice roller Mattie. Much love.
  4. Thank you for hosting these. Really like this idea and the events are fun and exciting in discord and in-game.
  5. QuietBoy

    Very smooth look. I love this.
  6. QuietBoy

    If you need an AOE weapon, the Penguin area is an effective way to achieve a Penguin Staff. Then Revenants are a great way to get yourself towards mid-game items through the Wilderness Shop. Look at the Slayer Shop if any of those items interest you. The Slayer Shops have good gear to propel yourself as well.
  7. QuietBoy

    I agree with this suggestion. Clarity in-game will be beneficial for players to continue their journey.
  8. Thank you for the update. It's been a pleasure playing.
  9. Question 1) What is your In-game Username? Quietboy Question 2) What is your Discord Username/ID(example:Peripheral#5348)? quietboy#1506 Question 3) What is your age? 22 Question 4) Have you ever been blocked from the wiki, or received any other infraction relating to DreamScape? I have not been blocked from the wiki, however I did receive a temporary mute in-game due to spamming an owner event. More information and details click here. I have understood, learned, and been perfect since. Question 5) What languages do you speak? English Question 6) Write a brief introduction about yourself. I hope my introduction brings you on a brief and exciting journey with my likes and strengths including dedication, commitment, and experience with games. I shared this information because I believe the learning opportunities I went through will be essential for this position. If you have any questions please let me know. My name is Michael and I started playing video games at the age of 10. Some games I started playing were Halo 3, Call of Duty, Minecraft, League of Legends and Runescape. I completed the Halo 3 campaign on Legendary, became a high KDA call of duty player making amateur gameplay videos. I became Diamond in League of Legends and achieved 99 fishing in old runescape, and high levels all around. I then became more serious in runescape private servers, co-owning and running a server with my dad called Pimpscape (50-100 constant player success). In Pimpscape I practiced a little coding shops, other small minigames, like in-game behaviors, including player files and NPC behaviors. I also was Admin, Moderator, and Helper in-game with my friends servers (Deju Vu 50-100 constant player success). I am working 2 jobs right now, saving as much money as possible. Other than those 2 jobs, I am indulging myself in higher education online, paying bills, and spending time with family.I play Dreamscape as much as possible to learn more about the game to broaden my horizons. I also visit the forums and wiki constantly to educate myself, and practice by creating my own wiki fandom pages. Question 7) How many hours in a week do you think you can be available editing the wiki? However long it takes to complete the job, I will spend time and try my best to achieve success. Question 😎What do you think are wiki editor responsibilities? Name at least three. Communicating. The quality of being right by confirming with multiple staff members, testing in-game, and ideally the coders. Proper planning by prioritizing what needs to be done first. Working hard, Professionalism, Cooperation, Empathy, Confidence, Commitment... Question 9) If you were accepted as a Wiki Editor, do you think you would have more "power" than any other player or donator? Explain why. I would not have more power than another player or donator. I would be contributing to the community, assisting players just like me. Scenario 1 - Are there any mistakes in this picture? If so, tell us why and what you would do to improve it. Mistake 1: Crystal helm is not range. Mistake 2: Crystal helm is not dropped by Sea Troll Queen. First fix the information. I would suggest adding that Crystal Helm is one piece out of three (The Crystal Set). Also add how you can acquire this item in-game (PvM: Raiden, Trinity, King Kong vs Godzilla, Shops: Slayer Shop, Vote Shop, Boxes: Warfare Box) Confirm information with other wiki editors, proper punctuation, making the page clearly understood and easily readable. Scenario 2 - You are shown an example of what a Hyperlink is, and how to use it. Your Manager asks you to fix this page so that it correctly links to the Sea Troll Queen page. Which picture is more correct? A) or B) or C)? And why? Source Mode: (The way the page looks when you are editing) Preview Mode: (What the page would look like upon publishing) Published: (The page has been created) B is more correct. A has a link to a page that does not exist. C has old information that could confuse a future player's purchase. Scenario 3 - You have to leave the Wiki temporarily for a few days/weeks. Who are you going to tell and where are you going to post it? I am going to tell Peripheral, and let the rest of the community know through discord and forums. Scenario 4 - You are creating a page but you know you need to get off to get some sleep. So you save that page knowing it is not finished or that it has a bunch of mistakes. Is there anything you would do before you went to sleep? Make the page under construction if necessary. Scenario 5 - If someone in-game asked YOU, (who is now a Wiki Editor) a question that you didn't know and began calling you names like, "You should know this, you're a wiki editor", or "You're not a helper, keep quiet" or "Do your job already, the wiki isn't being updated", how would you respond? Understand what they're saying. If there is any confusion, communicate clearly the situation, finding out facts as soon as possible by asking other staff. Let them know that new things are being updated and worked on constantly and I will find out as soon as possible by contacting and testing in-game if possible. Create the player's concern an ongoing urgent job to get done in my priority list. Scenario 6 - You see another wiki editor vandalizing the wiki. There are many things you can do. Name at least three. Try communicating with the wiki editor my concern. Speak with someone higher in command. Report the vandalizing and try to fix any errors. Scenario 7 - One day a wiki editor that you've known for awhile asks you that they need your password in-game to borrow an item for the wiki. Choose the letters that you would do? A) Give that Wiki Editor your password. Because why wouldn't you? They're your friend after all. B) Ask them why? Them give them your password because they seem trustworthy. C) Report them privately. D) Don't report them, but say no. E) Provide them alternative ways to get that item I would choose C and E. Thank you for your time and consideration! I look forward to meeting, playing, and working within the community.
  10. QuietBoy

    Username: QuietboyRank In-game: Extreme DonatorProof (screenshot):
  11. This is one way to achieve the Owner Cape as an Iron Man without donating, during the early to mid game transition. Kill Revenants under the Teleport Tab -> Bosses. Acquire 850,000 pk points by 1) killing Revenants getting 10 pk points per certain kills and 2) collecting Mysterious Emblems from drops and turning them into the Wilderness Shop by right clicking the NPC. The shop is located at ::shops. Buy 34 Khione's Staffs from the Wilderness Shop, sell them to the Scavenger Shop -> Resource Shop 1 by right clicking the NPC. The Scavenger Shop is located at ::upgrade. Then you have 5100 Scavenger Points to buy the Owner Cape. Drop rate , Double Drop Rate, and Luck is not affected when killing Revenants. Recommended Cash for your own Revenants spot. Buy the Rev Pass (Limited) at ::shops from Durka Durka for 500,000 each AOE weapon / Fast attack speed weapon Strong armor stats for higher hits Collect Mysterious Emblems Tier 1 - 3 and then turn them into shop. Repeat process Save all keys and Mimic's Entry Tickets until at least 100 luck for better rewards and 70 Drop Rate for Mimic's Entry Tickets to obtain the Mimic Pet This Owner Cape allows you to 1 hit certain NPC's. This is good for faster drops and works well if you have a high Drop Rate and Double Drop Rate. This Owner Cape is achieved through the Scavenger Shop, and is used for 1 hitting only. This method does not give you the rank nor any commands as if you were to donate for it. Use command and read ::wiki Owner Cape (capital letters to go straight to the page) in-game for more information.
  12. QuietBoy

    You cannot yell in less than increments of 10 seconds, unless the ::rules need to be updated. This suggestion will help the rules and staff not having to mute players. Staff can focus on solving problems and helping players, instead of having to spend time muting players. Other than that, I agree with Javier, and this should not be a rule for any amount of yells, because there is the option of muting yells.

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