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  1. Root RS

    Awesome! This is the way it should've been from the beginning.
  2. Root RS

    Thanks, i did not know that! Sorry for not reading the outlines before posting. Fixed it
  3. Root RS

    I think "Iron Lord" or something like that won the decimator
  4. Root RS

    What's the current issue? There is no point in skilling on this server. What's your suggested way of fixing it? I have 3 suggestions that might help making skilling great again: #1 Skilling points Allow us to earn skilling points with every action (chopping logs, mining ore, lighting a log, etc) and then implement a shop for us to spend that skilling points. This shop could have several different boxes, or maybe even some pvm gear. #2 A Boss for Maxed players I believe that adding a boss that only players with max total can kill would really encourage people to skill. Max total does not include the custom skills, and this boss could drop new, unique items or even "old" existing items, as long as it's a really good money maker. # Total level zones Add zones for different total levels (1500+, 2000+, 2400+, etc) with several different bosses. How will this benefit player/server? This would encourage people to skill again, and would make all the so called Skillers really happy. How could this be expanded in future? That is up to you guys 😛 What negative effect could this have? I guess the value of boxes could go down if there is a new way to obtain them.
  5. Root RS

    I would love to contribute to this amazing community, but unfortunately i do not meet the requirements yet. Maybe in a couple of months 😛

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