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  1. Hchy

    Grats to all the staff! Honestly you all are fantastic! Can't wait to see what you guys can accomplish in the future!
  2. Hchy

    Thanks for the guide! Helped a lot when I came back!
  3. Hchy

    Love all the boys as Devs now keep up the great work guys!
  4. Hchy

    Welcome to the server if you ever need help feel free to message me in game!
  5. Hchy

    The server is great tbh! Some things get changed and make it a little less fun but overall it's a great experience! Every time you make a friend on here the game gets even more enjoyable!
  6. Hchy

    Welcome Osm! Make sure to join help cc and check the wiki for anything you need, it's full of information about everything in Dreamscape!
  7. Hchy

    Battlegrounds mainly but any gambling I always see as fun.
  8. Hchy

    No Vouch No vouch from me because skilling is allowed to be botted on the server and something as small as a shop to spend points on to get items can cause an issue later on in the lifespan of the game. The custom weapon for skilling could add a degree of completionist activity that would make some to choose to skill. I do agree some skilling does need a revamp but I don't think this will be beneficial to the server.
  9. Good point! I totally forgot to mention that the slayer master tele won't work. I'll add that into the guide! Thank you!
  10. Hchy

    This is great information for this zone keep it up! 😄
  11. Hchy

    Vouch Having the Seers horn would 100% make life easier for all players and having it as a world boss drop and in the vote reward store would definitely let you see a higher participation rate for voting.
  12. Hchy

    Welcome back! 😄 I didn't know you back then but hey, hop in discord with us and enjoy the fun!
  13. Hchy

    I couldn't find the select all for Naughty! I think its rigged!!! ♥
  14. Hchy

    Glad to see we have the drops rates now I just have to keep farming for drops i'll never get! ♥
  15. Hchy

    Thank you guys for 3rd! Hchy is the in-game name I loved all the submissions. 😄

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