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  1. Love the Update and Congrats to DS for it's 6 years! Lets get at least 6 more!
  2. I'm glad Willy is on the DS Team he's very knowledgeable and is always willing to help people!
  3. This video is made for New Players! Hopefully this guide will help you out!
  4. There is a pinned guide by me in money making for sire. I'd recommend look at it if you need help!
  5. They are great and try their best to be accessible. Big Shout Outs to them!
  6. Looking for any feedback on the guide as well. This is my first Youtube video guide but I put just as much work in as a written guide! Good Luck Guys!
  7. Enjoying the hell out of the update can't wait to stream more! 😄
  8. Grats to all the staff! Honestly you all are fantastic! Can't wait to see what you guys can accomplish in the future!
  9. Thanks for the guide! Helped a lot when I came back!
  10. Love all the boys as Devs now keep up the great work guys!
  11. Welcome to the server if you ever need help feel free to message me in game!
  12. Hchy

    Its me OSM

    Welcome Osm! Make sure to join help cc and check the wiki for anything you need, it's full of information about everything in Dreamscape!
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