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  1. Hchy

    This is great information for this zone keep it up! 😄
  2. Hchy

    Vouch Having the Seers horn would 100% make life easier for all players and having it as a world boss drop and in the vote reward store would definitely let you see a higher participation rate for voting.
  3. Hchy

    Welcome back! 😄 I didn't know you back then but hey, hop in discord with us and enjoy the fun!
  4. Hchy

    I couldn't find the select all for Naughty! I think its rigged!!! ♥
  5. Hchy

    Glad to see we have the drops rates now I just have to keep farming for drops i'll never get! ♥
  6. Hchy

    Thank you guys for 3rd! Hchy is the in-game name I loved all the submissions. 😄
  7. Hchy

    Not an Entry but we got bored at Dicezone Tonight.
  8. Hchy

    I actually really like that Idea instead of an overall leader board do a weekly one or monthly. I just feel having something competitive will drive more players to do PvM and allow to newer players to have a short term goal if anything.
  9. Hchy

    Not really a great set of gear but it's what I was wearing when I started styling on people in Dreamscape when I started back!
  10. Hchy

    In response to your reasons 1) I do agree with Plats and Execs having access to their mass AoE zones it wouldn't work as intended. I overlooked that. 2) Honestly didn't know we already had an all time leader board. (My Fault) 3) I do agree not having an interface where we can change titles would hinder that but it was a suggestion of a reward I wouldn't say it needed to be implemented. However if the title did get put in the "Champion" title would be lost and only kept for first place once the leader board had been updated. Make it more of a competition to keep the title instead of everyone having it. 4) The only issue with that is just like in reason 1, I think Plats have access to 1 hit raids as well so it would give them a much better chance to stay on top. Thank you for the feedback! 😄
  11. Hchy

    How does it work? Hourly or Daily refresh of people who have the most kill count of a boss in the game. What rewards does it give? Can implement in titles saying Champion of (Boss Name) (Name of player) How will it benefit server/players? Give a competitive atmosphere to all bossing across the game or just giving new players a goal to work toward.How could it be expanded in the future? The only way I see this being expanded is by adding new bosses into it.What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Only Negative effects I could see for this would be people farming the bosses so much they crash the prices on items. It could also have a negative effect on raids from people farming kill count and not allowing weaker players to get the kills. But as of right now not many people even do raids.
  12. Hchy

    Adams has such a sick set, Jessica's I can tell had a lot of work put into it too!
  13. Alright Boys and Girls it's time Hchy (pronounced James) takes you on a little journey of my 3 step method on how to get your bank back after skillfully losing it at the Dice Zone! First off the Requirements: Prod/Owner/Exec Cape (Not needed but at a 300m on avg. price tag for Prod cape it speeds up kills.) 85+ Karma (to buy Abby Sire tasks from the Karma Slayer Master) (If you need help with Karma i'd suggest going in game and typing ::Wiki Karma) Each task cost 100k DScoins however don't be fooled 1 slayer task can give you 20-50 Abby Sire's and each kill drops 1-5 Sire Crystals and that's where the DScoins start pouring into our little money pouch! Secondly The Inventory and Kills: Prod/Owner/Exe Cape Inventory For the OP cape method you need 2 Super antipoision can be bought from Sara's General at ::shops and 24 Saradomin Brew Flasks. You can find Saradomin Flasks at ::DH from Professor Oddenstein for 1 DScoin each. Sure you can use Rainbow Fish but a lot of the damage is minor and not really worth taking them. You are able to brew all your stats down because the Prod/Owner/Exe cape instantly 1 shots everything. Non OP Cape Inventory For the most part it's the same inventory but you bring overloads instead of my #PurpDragGang and the Staff of Good. Overloads will prevent your stats from going down every time you take a drink from a brew. In order to replenish your inventory you have to teleport home when you run out of supplies! Time to Kill Now after you get your Sire task it's time to go there! You can type ::bosses or go to the boss teleport tab, find the Abyssal Sire and teleport to boss! At this time I would recommend you switching your screen to resizeable mode to make kills easier. To start the encounter: Stand in the Small Red Square and attack the boss then attack the Red Respiratory System Secondly, Move to Small Blue Square and attack the Blue Respiratory System Thirdly, Move to the Small Green Square and attack the Green Respiratory System Next, Move to the Small Purple Square and attack the Purple Respiratory System covered by my inventory Finally, Move to the Black Home Square and wait for Sire to become attackable. (Heal up to full at this point as the boss is immune for a few seconds.) After death Abyssal Sire will re-spawn in 10 seconds so just rinse and repeat! (Poison Spots) Note: Throughout the whole fight little poison spots will spawn under your feet if you don't move out of them you will take an immense amount of poison damage and apply venom to you making you die, wasting more time than needed. Finally The Profit: Now that the Big Bitch is dead it's time to sell our loot you should have these lovely things called Sire Crystals! As of recent the price of these bad boys are currently 300-400k each because no one farms this boss. I mean to be fair it has a few more clicks than our lazy asses are used to but hey they make bank! Est. Profit is about 150m Dscoin an hour at current rates it will always be a constant money maker due to dream gear needing 4500 crystals total to upgrade to tier 3! So if you lose your bank at our lovely Sand Casino might as well follow this to get it back! ~Hchy the Honest Lowlife
  14. Bug fixes are looking good. Hopefully we can see better loot at ToB now.
  15. Hchy


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