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  1. Gene

    Congratulations guys! My heart is full! Thank you ❤️ Congratulations to all the staff too! Happy days w the gang everyday ❤️
  2. Gene

    Awww, Tom! I appreciate everything that you said. I missed you and everyone that's been busy irl!!
  3. Gene

    @Tomoss23 @Hoggster @Kitn @Kassitized Sorry for this very late response but pls know that you guys are also the reason why the community is happy and fun. I haven't seen most of you guys- you might be busy with school and/or irl, but we missed you all! Hope to hear from you guys soon! @Vaider @Javier are one of my go to pips in DS! I appreciate all the good words from you Vai and Jav! You guys have been both so good in what you do! Kodus to all our Dreamscape Staff!
  4. Gene

    Thank you, Py! I appreciate this a lot. I missed you! Where are you now? I just got on the forums.

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