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  1. Wazzz poppin??

  2. Back to the old Event sched you guys!


    We hear you, DSGang! 

  3. Sup bro

    1. koekblik89


      whaddup mah lady 👸


    2. Gene

    1. Alieni


      My Disappointment Is Immeasurable And My Day Is Ruined

    2. Gene
  5. Gong Xi Fa Cai! :)

  6. Join or watch and have fun and laugh with us, Peg. I've never seen you joining events anymore- can't find you on Discord too. I hope to hear from you. You will be better. Focus on the good things. See you around! Pls <3
  7. #EGGZOITED I can’t wait!!!!!!!
  8. We have our own dark doors, but we tend to not turn our heads to the other side and open the many bright doors bec we feel doomed. Tekashie, you just found one of your bright doors on DS and we are so grateful to have such a great impact in your life. Someone said the internet world is different from the real world, but ain’t this PART of the real world? Isn’t this your bright door #1? Welcome, Tekashie! All good things. All good things. ❤️ Gene#2365 always one PM away. YOU MATTER.
  9. The perseverance, Jeff. The perseverance. Congrats on your exemplary job! You've always been so attentive in everything that you do. Cheers to all who took part of this. #DSGang
  10. TALENT SHOW ON THE 13th at 3 PM! Register here https://bit.ly/DSTALENTREGISTRATION and win HUGE AND AMAZING PRIZES! 

  11. We would like to thank everyone who participated and really took time to bring and share their experiences with Dreamscape and its community. Congratulations to all the participants for all your wonderful effort and support! As much as we want everyone to win, there can only be one winner in every competition CONGRATULATIONS, @Hephaistos!! Thank you for talking through the questions and answering it with good input and dedication. Thank you, #DSGang! We hope you had fun and look forward to seeing you in our
  12. I know you're joining, Rein! Lezzgaww
  13. Noooooooo hahahaha would love to hear you sing a Paramore song! Hhahahhhaa come on Nute
  14. Lezzzgawwww, Jeff!!!!!!!!!!
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