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  1. guardtaco

    I have noticed that for some karma tasks you have to bury bones. But you cannot use the bones on an altar. I was wonder if their was a way to make it possible to either bury bones or use the bones on the altar.
  2. guardtaco

    Hello every1 who reads this. I am guardtaco. i like being goofy. taking things seriously isn't my thing. i hope we all get along well.
  3. guardtaco

    I just wish to start out by saying. I've seen and heard of Dreamscape before, but i was worried that a mainly custom server might not work for me. Then i joined the server and was right away greeted with friendly and helpful people. It turns out this custom server is a great place for people new to custom servers to start out. I would suggest others try this server. You all are amazing.

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