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  1. T A E

    Definitely agree. I was disappointed when I got mine, they definitely need to be a lot better than the original desci's.
  2. T A E

    I'd rather not see this ingame, I like the item sink. We already have ways to counter upgrades on emperor chest, which lets be honest are the only items worth upgrading. No support from me
  3. What is the currency on forums for?

    1. Jladams


      It was an old idea that got set aside. I do not have the ability to remove the function lol

  4. Buying $575 ingame 😃


  5. T A E

    Nice guide bro this should help a few people. Thanks!
  6. T A E

    This is pretty delayed since I have been playing for quite a while but hey guys my name is Tae, that is short for my real name too. Hope everyone is having a good day. You’ve probably seen me in game from time to time but if not I’d love to speak to some of you in game so give me a message
  7. Great update cant wait to get a sick ass pet😂
  8. Loving the effort to constantly better the server!
  9. T A E

    Welcome back dude hope you have good luck 😄
  10. T A E

    COD, Fifa, Minecraft all Xbox One
  11. Can someone please help me get my in-game rank on the forums, I'm extreme donor on the server

    1. Vaider



  12. T A E

    Take care man, I've only just come back to playing this server but yours is a name I recognise. Good luck in your future endeavours!
  13. T A E

    Hey there guys and gals, I hope you're all doing well, I'm an OG player started back in 2014, played for a while and then forgot my username lol gg me, but just wanted to say I'm excited to be back and already gotten off to a rapid start, it's mainly luck but I'm enjoying it. You're probably gonna be seeing a lot more of me now I got a new laptop Anyway guys it's only a quick one from me, take care and see you in-game also if anyone could let me know how to get my ingame rank on the forums that would be great 😄

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