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  1. Can someone update the styrkewyrm minigame page.
  2. shotzzz

    Dear reader I would first of all like to apologise if this topic is in the wrong place, but I could not find a bug reporting section on the forums. The small quality of life bug that I have discovered is that items scroll of the screen when someone is trying to buy something in the market. The bug happens when someone types a character or couple of characters in the marketplace when buying an item and scrolls down in the item list and continues to search for an item not all options will be displayed. These items basically scroll of screen. if you retype a random character and scroll up and type the item name again it will find the item you are looking for. kind regards Shotzzz
  3. shotzzz

    Ye the old ones but there are new questions. 😄
  4. shotzzz

    Can somebody please make an updated trivia guide

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