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  1. Hoggster

    Oh, i was actually not expecting to win at all. thank you very much! Gratz to Filth and Hchy! IGN: Hoggster
  2. Hoggster

    Gya is 100% going to win naughtiest. If he doesn't we riot hehe.
  3. Hoggster

    Oof, this is actually a really hard decision. Not for the naughtiest, but for the nicest .
  4. Hoggster

    For revampsWhat's the current issue? Enchantment stones and High-grade enchantment stones don't display the message: "1% chance of destroying the item" upon the first upgrade. What's your suggested way of fixing it? Add the display message on the first upgrade as well.How will this benefit player/server? They won't have to search the wiki/ask staff members if it can destroy on the first upgrade - They don't accidentally destroy the item without knowing.How could this be expanded in future? /What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) None
  5. Hoggster

    This post didn't age well. ::Dicezone, hell itself.
  6. Hoggster

    Welcome back! If you need any help figuring out something, feel free to pm me!
  7. Hoggster

    Welcome! Sorry for the late reply. If you need any help in-game, just ask me!
  8. Hoggster

    Sick outfit from 1atte, love the black with the Scythe!
  9. Hoggster

    I do completely agree with the fact that Ironman can't really progress any further at some point. While normal players can buy Infinity Gauntlets charged or BFG's, Ironmen can only obtain these by donating/winning events. Most ironmen get stuck at EKS and can't progress. As peripheral said though, the prices on the items would be almost impossible to set. However, If there is a good implementation for this it could work out to something really nice.
  10. Hoggster

    500K for an hour to me seems a little high prized. The suggestion itself is really nice though. I've had many people crash me when i was starting dreamscape and farming the cave. I'd suggest if you pay 500K you can stay there for an unlimited time until you either log out or die. Got my vouch though.
  11. Hoggster

    Great idea! The pop-up for the World boss can dissapear super quickly or you can click it away by accident. Adding it to the vote store seems like the best option, as it doesn't really do anything special.
  12. Hoggster

    That's actually hella funny. Also, the rainbow set was the first real armorset i ever wore in dreamscape so that brings back a lot of memories.
  13. Hoggster

    Even if you can't do it for all bosses because of Plats, You could still do this for Raids, TOB, Vorkath,... actual bosses that you can't find in the plat zone.
  14. Hoggster

    Good luck on the grind and also on the helicopter pet grind. I'd love to see the drops you get from Necromancer especially.
  15. Hoggster

    I like the idea. Late game guides are slacking compared to Early/mid game. Of course, this is also because of the fact that if you are late game, you probably already have a decent view on the Dreamscape PVM'ing scene. Nevertheless, a guide for late game would definitely help the unlucky people getting cleaned at ::dicezone.

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