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  1. 1atte

    Got roughly 1400 hours so far.
  2. Welcome back Dave. Hope you enjoy all the new content. And if you ever want to do some Theatre of Blood or Star wars raids, feel free to give me a pm .
  3. 1atte

    Great guide Jess. Kudos
  4. 1atte

    I like the idea of being able to navigate around the marketplace a little easier. And like you say, it wouldnt really impact the eco or really have any negative effects (that i can think of at least) Vouch
  5. Great update guys! keep the content coming!
  6. 1atte

    Glad you got the guide out man! was happy to help! Look forward to seeing more guides from you
  7. 1atte

    I'd be interested in that, honestly i suck at it
  8. 1atte

    Carrying @lewis99300 and @coldott But other than that it is the community and the new content. Never run outta things to be doing
  9. 1atte

    Its nice to have you back Hater, glad you are enjoying your time on the server! If you ever need me in game feel free to message me.
  10. 1atte

    As much as i hate the grind for keys, having an aoe instance for the werewolves would make one of the best in slot items way too easy to achieve, even from an iron mans perspective. Not to mention the potion of aggression would be less useful as Lewis stated. No vouch
  11. 1atte

    @Genedoes deserve the shoutout. She has been doing some great work with events
  12. 1atte

    Congrats guys 😁 well deserved
  13. 1atte

    Thank you for the kind words man! Always happy to help when i can
  14. 1atte

    Mcdonalds breakfast yes. otherwise gimme that chicken everytime
  15. 1atte

    Look forward to seeing the updates Bodhi!

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