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  1. Great guide man, totally the best money making way since the price of sire increase too. Also I believe that its best to mention that its only applicable to enter via teleports tab and not via slayer master cause most of the time people would use the teleport via slayer master
  2. Nyxes

    New Content What is the content called Mass Bosses How does it work? Mass Boss is similar to raids and World Boss combined, instead its drops are for top 30 players and participants as well as the spawn time takes around 20 secs. And players with end game gears wont be the only winners as the boss would only receive the max dmg of 30k dmg per hit, with a 300m hp. Also Mass Boss are without wep specifics and the rates are increased based on drop rates & double drop rates. What rewards does it give? Rewards are just suggestions, maybe could introduce new drops or items? Participant Loots Always 1 / 1 50k DS Coins Common 1 / 50 150k DS Coins Uncommon 1 / 500 75 Crystal Keys 125 Mystery Boxes 8 Infinity Keys Rare 1 / 2000 1x Xebos Inv 1x Mimic Ticket 200 Crystal Keys 300k DS Coins Top 30 Loots Always 1 / 1 250k DS Coins Common 1 / 50 150 Crystal Keys 250 Mystery Boxes 25 Infinity Keys Uncommon 1 / 500 1x Xebos Inv 1x Mimic Ticket 500 Crystal Keys 500k DS Coins Rare 1 / 1500 Golden Minigun SoulFlare / Soulflare (x) Box of Wisdom Minigun Electronic Katana Avery Ring Ultra Rare 1 / 5000 Kismet Box Avery Ring (i) Devious pieces Crystal pieces A'morth pieces Sword of Protectorate Khione Staff Ak-47 Assimov Infinity Gaun Dream 1 / 15000 Equipment thats worth around 100m a piece, such as Dream pieces ( includes glove and boots) Infinity Gaun Charged BFG 9000 mh / oh Hades mh / oh Infinity Stones How will it benefit server/players? It has rewards for early to late game gears and it takes players with at least a decent beginner gear of trix and sfx / gmg + SS prayer to be able to start cause there's likely to be more new / early game players. Also the rewards are also beneficial for late game player to try their rng on the loots, they'd be able to help out as well. And it brings most of the community together too. How could it be expanded in the future? It could be expanded from different boss on different combat styles or mixed combat styles as well, with the loot of the boss's combat style gears. It could also extend the difficulty by having bosses to spawn minions that heals the boss or might be able to 1 hit players. So everyone needs to be aware of it. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) With the 30x average early - mid gear players, it would take roughly a few mins up to 10 mins for a kill. It won't ruin the eco due to the rarity of the drops but it may bring players together from starters to end game players
  3. Nyxes

    Username: NyxesRank In-game: Extreme DonatorProof (screenshot):
  4. Nyxes

    I've noticed commands in minigames doesnt work, not even ::type or ::wiki. Also this makes some tasks thread needed to be manually search or asked and even couldn't even participant type event. Maybe if its in Minigames, we could have all the commands as usual but only disables those commands that teleports us since Arcade / Dreamland takes a long time to complete and more waves = more points. So this suggestion is to have commands in minigames except for teleport commands, which would be helpful if someone is in the Dreamland on wave 60+ and would want to search of wiki something, also when there's type event, it cant be missed too.
  5. Nyxes

    https://imgur.com/RtvcyOs https://imgur.com/EMdPE63 https://imgur.com/aknExKf
  6. Nyxes

    Hi everyone Nyxes here. I was away since when magegray was just released. Came back several times until now. Planning to stay for now since the community are extremely helpful and I kinda gained alot these few days. Call me Nyx and I'll see you in game!! 😇

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