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  1. Nyxes

    Great guide, maybe add in min equipment requirements and the min damage hits possible to clear it?
  2. Great guide man, totally the best money making way since the price of sire increase too. Also I believe that its best to mention that its only applicable to enter via teleports tab and not via slayer master cause most of the time people would use the teleport via slayer master
  3. Nyxes

    Username: NyxesRank In-game: Extreme DonatorProof (screenshot):
  4. Nyxes

    https://imgur.com/RtvcyOs https://imgur.com/EMdPE63 https://imgur.com/aknExKf
  5. Nyxes

    Hi everyone Nyxes here. I was away since when magegray was just released. Came back several times until now. Planning to stay for now since the community are extremely helpful and I kinda gained alot these few days. Call me Nyx and I'll see you in game!! 😇

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