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  1. That does explain it xD Wasn't mentioned anywhere that it wasn't allowed though 😉
  2. How come Hchy gets the title, yet it was a draw? 😮
  3. If you can't find anything on Wiki or you've got trouble finding it, you can always contact me I'm a current wiki editor, so I can find certain pages pretty easily
  4. I believe the wiki is the best choice to check out, as Peri already mentioned There's all the info mentioned there pretty much.
  5. This is one video to keep for new players ! Explains everything pretty easy and clear. Hoping to see more videos from you ! Heph
  6. For new content What is the content called "Charming Chuck" Name can be changed ! How does it work? Basically the same method as the Statue of Dahmaroc (OSRS) -> https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Dahmaroc_statue The Statue consists of 50 pieces, each gained by skilling (No Karma, Gambling or Scavenger). Every skill gives 2 stones, which is also the maximum of that skill ! Players have to combine one piece of the stone with it's counterpart (same skill), per skill. What rewards does it give? Per stone added, it should grant a new gift, coul
  7. I want to vouch for all of the ideas you presented Jon... Removing it from the boxes would make it even more special to those who gained it from the TOB itself... It gives more satisfaction I think
  8. Hell yeah ! Would be less confusing indeed 😄 I don't want to be the one telling a new player he bought a noob Mbox for 500M 😛
  9. You go man ! I'm not gonna try to get another "pure grind" in the near future 😮
  10. Vouch 100% !!! I would like to see some changes ! Maybe even add some more monsters to the raids if they'd make it 1 hit 😮
  11. Would be interesting to see what the rewards are 😮
  12. Not so bad loot so far man, keep us updated !
  13. I Vouch this idea, but it'll be a denied for the ironman raids shop... As hogg said, they can leach
  14. Participated in this one It's been a good event, only sad thing was I lost in first round so didn't have the chance to do much myself 😛 Been watching and listening towards the event though.
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