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  1. This Dreamers monthly will cover any promotions, Monthly news from the Dreamers, The Introduction of some new players and Farewells, And much much more! Interested in becoming a Dreamers Monthly Reporter, Interviewer or Editor? Apply here now! NewsTeam Application Format Do YOU want to be interviewed for the Dreamers Monthly News? You can do so by messaging @Hephaistos on Discord. DreamScape Social Media Twitter YouTube Facebook Instagram After doing a lot of hard work behind the scenes, Hephaistos has gone from H
  2. I believe around 4 PM Gmt+1 most people are on, due to the events etc But it's also back to school, exams beginning etc, so these weeks will be less active players most likely
  3. Short topic about obtaining the following goals! Some are impossible (in my case), but I'll add them anyway ! ~Adding the best Goals in my opinion to the topic aswell (even if I achieved them)~ My account is an Ironman account, I do have donated on it and Xferred from my alt account to achieve certain items. Do not be fooled, I'm not a F2p Ironman 😛 It is possible to be one although ! Upgrade Emperor's Necklace (58 fails so far - 3 necks, 12x coins, 43 Cards) Upgrade Emperor's Ring (2 fails so far - 2 rings) Obtain Nightmare Staff -> Make Volatil
  4. Hey there man ! If you ever need help, feel free to pm me at any time I'm sure you'll get to know most of us ! Events are an easy choice to get to know certain peops =D
  5. Welcome man ! Have you enjoyed the server so far? If you ever get stuck in the game, or have any questions - feel free to pm me, staff in general or the community Enjoy your stay
  6. First time in general on an Rsps? 😮 Or just at Dreamscape? In any case, welcome! Feel free to pm me, any staff member or the community in general. We try to help out everybody
  7. Welcome back man, I hope you'll have some luck with retrieving a certain amount back, if they're able to retreive the dono's
  8. Yo man, welcome back ! You'll notice we have a helpful community and as Jonsa already mentioned, feel free to pm any time !
  9. Don't think you're at the correct post mate 😆
  10. Can't wait for the future updates aswell... Great work as always ! Keep it going
  11. Hey there ! Welcome to the RSPS scenery, glad you chose Dreamscape If you ever need help ingame, feel free to hit me up / any staff member, or even the help Channel. You'll notice we have a very helpful community 🤩
  12. Grinding Avengers for Batman, Vorkath for Ancient Wyvern Shield OR Cake Boss for them Diamond Bags (Power Arrow)

  13. Forum Username: HephaistosRank Requesting: VeteranAmount of Months since user joined Forums: 9,5 months.Screenshot of Veteran achievement on Forums for confirmation:
  14. Welcome back man ! Let's see those dono's popping
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