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  1. Hephaistos

    Quick milestone update: First 100k+ souls achieved ! PS: 63K Exec points, was slacking due to Gf coming over.
  2. Hephaistos

    Flower Poker in my opinion... Takes no skill, only luck
  3. Hephaistos

    Here's a little update for you guys ! 1/5th of the way is completed ! Current Killcount: Current soulcount: Current drops: + Trix platelegs (they were in a different tab) Some extra drops: 6-8 Treasure hunter chests (1) - 9 Mimic's entry's - 12 Xebos's invitation - 106 Infinity keys - a few Enchantment stones
  4. Hephaistos

    As I have read the comments so far, I believe it's time to push my goal even further. As I got a lot of kills in only 1 day, I will instead rename it to Road to Helicopter Pet. Thanks to @peripheralfor his advice, which I will be following
  5. Hephaistos

    Ima put in a pause just to do something else than the grind What I have achieved so far, rare drops I will only show at the end.
  6. Hephaistos

    If this thread would get enough positive comments about adding such thing, i'll try and think of a list, when Ive checked all items which are in Vote shops / Loyalty shops / ...
  7. Hephaistos

    Apologies in advance for not using the format, was a bit too quick with the post 😛 And most items would be those who would be almost impossible for an ironman to gain ingame without donating... Weaponwise, I was thinking of Asiimovs, Electronic katana,.. (Prices to be thought of, or maybe "Ironman tokens" as something new) Gearwise would be Crystal set / Devious / ...
  8. Hephaistos

    As I am an executive donator, I can head over to the executive zone, within this zone it is possible to grind for the Helicopter pet. As I am also an Ironman, this is the only way (apart from donating or being lucky) for me to gain this pet. Bare in mind, the Helicopter pet requires 250.000 Executive points ! I will be killing mostly the Olaf - Necromancers - Magegrays and Guards of Amorth. I do not know howlong this will take me, so I'm curious aswell to see the grind I will make a screenshot from all the drops I have gained from these 4 bosses. I'll also make a screenshot of the souls before and after + the possible loot added from those Current Gear All Drop-Double drop-Luck rates
  9. Hephaistos

    Damn Man... Id be curious to see the good loot from the boxes aswell That is if you'd ever open em and not sell 😄
  10. Hephaistos

    Helped me out when I started Will there be a Follow up thread?
  11. Hephaistos

    Wont be participating as I got 0 Photoshop skills But I do like the fanart which is made so far ! Keep em coming 😮
  12. Hephaistos

    I bring that extra zest Ironman so limited gear
  13. Hephaistos

    Totally agree here They do their best to make the game a better place
  14. Hephaistos

    Username: Iron Heph Rank ingame: Executive Proof ingame: Didn't happen in yell as you only see the Ironman symbol.
  15. Hephaistos

    Maybe add a possible "Ironman" only shop? Currently, when you have too much money on your Ironman account, there's nothing you can do with it really... sometimes buy an upgrade of gear, but most of the times it's just stuck in your pouch. So maybe add a shop where you can buy upgrades on your gear or possible OP weaponry, prices depend on the item itself ofcourse, but I think this would be a new boost for most ironmen who got "stuck" with their gear

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