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    I recently came across a reddit post on Dreamscape looking for an admin so I decided to apply. (Unsure on the format, So I’ll give youse a quick insight into my experience in an administrative role and my knowledge on RuneScape). Hey! I’m Ayman from Ireland and Im 22 years of age. I’m currently in my final year of university studying economics and finance. I’ve been playing RuneScape for about 12 years now and have also been in the RSPS scene for about 5. My time on RSPS’s and RuneScape has been on and off depending on my commitments IRL. My experience as an admin in the RSPS scene dates back to a moderator role and community manager role I had on two servers by the names of Necrotic RSPS and OS-Scape. I recall playing DreamScape back in 2016 and loving all of the unique aspects associated with the game. In my opinion I think I’d be a good candidate for an admin role here on Dreamscape for a number of reasons: 1) - Good communication skills 2) - Time management skills 3) - Knowledge of RuneScape as a whole and the unique aspect of your server. Thanks for reading my application, Ayman

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