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  1. Menas2

    I spent 1680hrs. Its like 70 days. ps. I still have real life lmao
  2. Menas2

    Great work hchy! can't wait for another vid! keep it up
  3. Many great news!! So hyped and can't wait for sponsor rank revamp!
  4. Super hype, can't wait! Believe an amazing things is coming
  5. So tiny update... but great job job, devs imo! Still waiting for something new for sponsors or executives.
  6. Menas2

    Hydra is my favourite boss. Good to see hydra guide. Great work Bodhi!
  7. Menas2

    Great work devs! Keep it up
  8. Menas2

    Gratz!!!! Well deserved!
  9. Menas2

    Vouch. Will nice to see new content. A good content.
  10. Menas2

    Finally. I waited for this. Thanks man, great work!
  11. Gl huys with 1k$ giveaway!

  12. Menas2

    Good luck and keep up great work!
  13. Menas2

    Welcome back mate! Hope you'll enjoy!

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