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  1. christmass3

    This post gave me cancer no vouch can’t explain how much time that would waste where people could actually be getting some better content
  2. christmass3

    I think this idea could go somewhere as long as it’s not exploited for mass gain in the economy
  3. christmass3

    Well I wish I could get something stoopid rare lol
  4. christmass3

    I mean this would only work if everything was set up perfectly in a perfect world someone is gonna find a loop hole on it and eventually will ruin some items in game but balance others I’ll stay neutral on this
  5. Sick update how hard are the to obtain
  6. christmass3

    Nice nice now go for 5k!
  7. christmass3

    Great guide going for 150 atm it’s a serious grind lol
  8. christmass3

    Still helpful to this day! Thanks
  9. christmass3

    Very helpful wish there was a way to get faster kismits 😕
  10. Funny thing is this still somewhat works not as much as before but like 30m a hour now
  11. christmass3

    Reeeeeeeeeeee of to kill me 2 mil penguins kappa
  12. christmass3

    Welcome to the forum life buddy!
  13. Corona fundraiser would be cool if vouch for something like that
  14. until

    I’ve never won an event probably not gonna make this event unless it’s done a little later 😕
  15. christmass3


    Was just a little late almost made it!

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