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  1. christmass3

    Nice nice now go for 5k!
  2. christmass3

    Great guide going for 150 atm it’s a serious grind lol
  3. christmass3

    Still helpful to this day! Thanks
  4. christmass3

    Very helpful wish there was a way to get faster kismits 😕
  5. Funny thing is this still somewhat works not as much as before but like 30m a hour now
  6. christmass3

    Reeeeeeeeeeee of to kill me 2 mil penguins kappa
  7. christmass3

    Welcome to the forum life buddy!
  8. christmass3

    What's the current issue? The issue is players not being able to sell items through market when they are flooded into the game via donations/boxesWhat's your suggested way of fixing it? I suggest that we implement either and alchemy value to higher tier items such as space virus dream pieces bfgs infinity gaunts ect just about 10-20% under fair market value How will this benefit player/server? Kids won just hop on the server and crash the eco on like 10 different items for everyone else by donating 300$ to the store and people will have an easier access to gain cash on the server How could this be expanded in future? could stabilize the economy more people will be less toxic towards other players about pricing it will give new ways of making money to newer players causing them to play for more than a day fp their bank and quitWhat negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) only thing I could think of is people buying items for under alchemy value or items becoming harder to get which would be a good thing considering I have like 12 space virt sets in my bank I can’t get rid of because no one has money to buy it this would even out the field of items/cash flow in the game making it a better experience overall for everyone
  9. Corona fundraiser would be cool if vouch for something like that
  10. until

    I’ve never won an event probably not gonna make this event unless it’s done a little later 😕
  11. christmass3


    Was just a little late almost made it!
  12. christmass3


    Didn’t make it to the event hopefully I’ll make the sponsor plus event!
  13. christmass3


    I went had fun!
  14. christmass3


    Loved the event I was there!
  15. christmass3

    definatly have to go with lava strykewyrm now it looks dope or skotizo

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