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  1. Entil

    I think 3-5hp per item would still be too low for content like Enraged Hades even if you had 5 items. So my recommendation would prob be 8-15 per item. So early game people would get some benefit but still wouldnt be able to do end content with just like 1-3 items. So my recommendation would be to bump it to 8 per source and then go up from there if thats not enough
  2. What's the current issue? Whole interaction is outdated and not user friendly at all.What's your suggested way of fixing it? Here is a list of features that could be fixed to make BlackJack great again: -Make people able to bet money that they have inside pouch -Bring the betting text inputs to updated variants so people can use letters in them like 1k or 1m or 1b -Make it so people can stay inside BlackJack table after the round and not get kicked out of it -Add leave button for people to leave and kick button for owner so you can leave/kick people before each round -Update the UI design to be more juicy/cool looking white some more modern design (optional)How will this benefit player/server? Players would actually start playing BlackJack, it could also be introduced as a server event where one of the staff member hosts the table with 1 coin bets and people who win against host get to next round of event and so on until there you get all top3 users placed.How could this be expanded in future? You could add more card games like poker or some other card games like uno and stuff to the table in the future.What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) People would gamble a lot more, thus there could be more people quiting because they get cleaned. Also all this changes might take some time to do thus for costing a lot of development work.
  3. Entil

    It took me few weeks to get over 10b without gambling. Tho i did donate as well which speed up the process for sure. But i have currently made more than 10b money without taking into consideration donations i personally bought or the 2 times i actually decided to gamble for fun. Its definitely possible hope you make it
  4. Entil

    Yeah i really wish this would get implemented. If you decide to farm sire for few Hours you are forced to go out of sire manually just to advertise what you are selling or to talk with other people inside ::yell Would be a huge quality of life benefit for me and a lot more people that decide to farm Sire
  5. Entil


    Trivia and Hide and seek was a nice relaxing combination for the event. I would personally prefer a bit more trivia but was fun non the less
  6. until

    Gotta love even where i actually have a real chance at winning 😄
  7. ill have to try this as im getting more tokens as exec. Maybe its a new fun way for me to grind
  8. until

    Lets win this for once 🤪🍀
  9. Great bundles. You guys really did amazing job with picking them
  10. until

    Is this first comment? Entil Hc
  11. Entil

    Great guide. Helps to everyone doing revs
  12. Entil

    Nice guide, definitely need to read this one!
  13. Entil

    This guide helped me a lot. Really well written
  14. until

    What do i need to comment here? My ign is: Entil Hc and i appriciate the WeFe stick!
  15. Entil

    Very nice guide. I recommened a lot of new players to read it. However you could add that drop chance for totems decreases with each tier and that its recommended to do it up to T3 because of that and maybe all 3 optimal spots not just this one

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