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  1. Blimp

    I was the best Blimp this month.. just saying. But that being said, there are plenty of people that were awarded this month, and they all deserved it and some! Gratz!
  2. Blimp

    Keep it coming! Exciting things coming our way my fellow dreamers!
  3. Blimp

    I feel like this is becoming "The Spotlight"!!
  4. Blimp

    I vouch for this. I do think something needs to be done with the economy. I have my own reasons that differ slightly from this suggestion so I wont go deeply into it. BUT! @christmass3brings up a good point and is extremely valid. VOUCH
  5. Blimp

    I like these ideas a lot! Count a VOUCH for me on both. I have mis-clicked in the market a few times and bought something I didn't mean to!
  6. Count me in on allllllll of them!!
  7. Another fun filled week!!! I am excited and hopefully I can make it out of the first round this week....
  8. Big time events this week!! Looking forward to making a recovery after last weeks first round losses I had hahaha
  9. Blimp

    Wahoo!! Nice!! Thanks Chuck and thanks everyone that participated!!
  10. Blimp

    User:Blimp Rank: Extreme Donator
  11. Welcome back @Nala! Excited for this weekend!!
  12. Blimp

    This guide is sweet!! I have always said this game is extremely difficult for newer players and people who are starting from nothing. But this is exactly the steps to follow to get players over the hump and able to really and truly play this amazing server!
  13. Blimp

    Welcome Welcome! Hope you are able to get over the hump quick cause this game is awesome!
  14. Blimp

    Welcome LunarWater! I am interested to hear how your ironman life goes! I bet IronMan is fun here in DreamScape!
  15. until

    Blimp has RSVP'd!

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