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  1. Looks like a clean guide to me! Xebos was a big question for me when i started so im sure players will find this helpful
  2. Chopstix

    Cant wait oof weekend packed events are so nice! 😄
  3. Chopstix

    Welcome to the Gang! 😄 If you need any help or anything lmk im normally in game bro bro Cheers!
  4. Guy below me is super sexy ;)

  5. Chopstix

    WOAAAH thats super sick dude you have some insane talent!!!
  6. Chopstix

    Much appreciated fellas haha spent a lot of time on this one! Hopefully ya'll enjoy my next posts w GFX!
  7. Chopstix

    Thank u bro appreciate it! Definitely going to be working up on some more stuff here shortly. Hopefully i can find my deviantart so i can show some of my old work too! 😄 Just wish i still had the photoshop files so i could study em again going off of pure memory x.x .... Youtube learning it is apparently hahaha.
  8. Chopstix

    What ya'll think?? Basically the style I'm going for but i got a new laptop and havent touched photoshop on it until now! Honestly a little to big for my taste lol but wasn't sure how it was gonna go down with having to cut out my own personal Dreamscape Character so more of a test than anything! Still.. Fun one to make.. Look out for more, after a few more practice runs I'll most likely open up that shop I was talkin about Helpful Criticism Appreciated!! Rates?
  9. Thx for hosting these OP events ❤️
  10. until

    Lets goooo 😄
  11. Today was a Good Day 🥶

  12. until

    Lets goooo gl everyone!
  13. For the boyss!! Haha congrats to all the winners!
  14. Chopstix

    I actually was looking for a guide here on the forums I forgot to check out the wiki lol oops! It does have some insightful details about each wave which is nice information to know but the video guide like a OSRS firecape guide type idea would be super nice to have about the arcades! Please haha that would be super cool! I'm very close to buying decent gear in each of my slots so I'm probably close to able to do it now hopefully without such difficulty but I was getting stuck at wave 45 4x in a row with Khoines/Blizzard Shield/Trix set/Coll neck/Infernal Boots/Avery/Necromancer jr so hopefully the new gear will help! Hope to see a cool Arcade Video or few either way then :))

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