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  1. fe efficient

    Getting "temp closed" webpage when trying to vote? Cmon, how am i gonna get my gloves now...
  2. fe efficient

    Y'all know the deal, vote on my next choice or submit suggestions https://strawpoll.com/ky3dkfza
  3. fe efficient

    Whats your guys's favorite custom item on here look wise? Mine would have to be the dream dagger.
  4. fe efficient

    Crash bandicoot pets 7.5% damage boost that is listed on the wiki is not currently working as intended. I tested this instance in the ::Train max hit zone. As you can see by my images im maxing the same with and without, and even with any pet. https://prnt.sc/rbsqqa https://prnt.sc/rbsqvb https://prnt.sc/rbsr13 Keep in mind, this is ovl'd prayer and my best damage gear so this damage boost should be apparent. It is not. Thanks for comning to my TED talk, day two.
  5. fe efficient

    @VaiderDo you think you could pass this around? I feel like if we as a community petitioned it, it would totally be in the game :P. Unique idea that could help set above the rest. Feels like a feature this game would already have so to say.
  6. fe efficient

    Redoing equip levels is also really simple and could be tied in, to map currently op gear to it. But also leaves space for higher tiers to come out.
  7. fe efficient

    Add prestiging to combat skills. possible reward suggestions: Increase max level cap for combat stats every prestige, say 150 or 200 max, might have to scale like 125 to current damage, and up from there to not be op? Combat prestige shop with cosmetics and certain choice mid-high tier weaponry/ armor/accessories? New boss tied into maxing combat prestige?
  8. fe efficient

    http://prntscr.com/r3sluz ^ Current gear. http://prntscr.com/r3sm0v ^ Current bonuses. AM Ironman. Any Ideas What to upgrade for dr%?

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