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    Yes please...
  2. Just have to complete all the requirements 😄
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    Thanks for the events Nala
  4. Aidanator

    What's the current issue? I believe there is currently way too much dream armor in the game and i see the prices of it dropping everyday, Leading to game end armor only being worth about 250m a set, when it should be more like 400m+.What's your suggested way of fixing it? I believe we should be able to combine all the dream armors to form a dream tribid Armor, It would cost all 3 sets and like 100m cash to combine. The set would be untradable and would offer a 5% increase over the current sets to Drop rate, Double drop rate, And Luck, With all of the stats of the 3 sets.How will this benefit player/server? It'll raise the price of game end armor and help to clear some of the extra sets out of the gameHow could this be expanded in future? You could use sire crystals on it just to upgrade it like the normal sets already have.What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Dont really see many negative effects to this.

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