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    Hello fellow Dreamscapers. I have a few suggestions that I think could improve the game. First off, I would like to start with a few (small) Quality of Life changes. The ability to cure poison by clicking on the hitpoints orb when you are poisoned (and have a antipoison in your inventory). A command to open the karma tasklist (::ktask or ::karmatask for example). A button in your PoS to go back to your own shop, instead of closing out and re-opening the interface. A slayer interface at the karma slayer master (same as regular slayer master, to teleport/skip tasks). Make slayer keys stackable. Potion timers for certain timed potions (for example, Overloads and Anti poison potions). Just like dream potions currently have. Tile markers. (I'm not sure how hard this would be to implement, and how many people would actually use it, but I would definitly use it at Sire/Arcade for example). An option or command to toggle pet visibility. Sometimes bosses (especially in the arcade) stack under your pet, and its really hard to click them. Secondly, I have a suggestion for a pair of new boots and gloves. (Note, all numbers provided are merely suggestions, and are open for change). What is the content called: Mindfull Boots and Mindfull gloves (or Boots/Gloves of the Mindfull) How does it work: Each item would give a 10% XP increase from the base experience. (For example, 100XP becomes 110XP with 1 item, and 120XP with 2 items). They have no other stats. The boost would not work on well donations for karma. What reward does it give: A 10% XP increase per item. This would also work on the custom skills (Karma, Scavenging, Gambling) hence the low XP increases. How do you obtain them: You would be able to buy them for 500k karmic kismets, or by upgrading a double XP ring at level 60 scavenger. (Medium chance). How will it benefit the server/players: It would speed up the training of the slow skills a bit. Allowing people to get into endgame content for the custom skills a little bit faster. How could it be expanded in the future: More pieces of gear, or higher level versions of the current items. What negative effect could this have: It could be that less items/DS coins are removed from the game, due to players reaching the desired levels quicker. It could also throw off the balance of current content for said skills a bit. Lastly, I have a suggestion for a big slayer update. There would be 2 parts of this update. Part 1: Slayer cave. A new slayer cave with monsters from ::train in it. Each monster would have its own seperate room, only accesible by teleporting to it through the slayer interface. These monsters would be stacked closer together, have more spawned at once, and can be AoE'd. The drawback of this zone would be, the monsters drop no loot, and wouldn't award any training points. This is ment purely for training slayer. The positives: Easyer slayer training, quicker tasks, (slightly) less low level items coming in the game from endgame players rushing tasks. The negatives: Increases points/hour earned a little bit, which could have a slight impact on certain items buyable from slayer shops. Part 2: Prestiging slayer to 5. This would not increase your damage further than it currently does. Further, each prestige after 3 would give you an extra slot in the blocklist, for a total of 5. Rewards for Prestige 4: Reduction list. Tasks can be added to this list just like a block list. This would reduce the amount you get each task by 30%. (3-5 spots) Rewards for Prestige 5: Increased list. Tasks can be added to this list just like a block list. This would increase the amount you get each task by 30% (3-5 spots) New shop(s): I was thinking about adding 1 new shop after prestige 5, which only contains cosmetics related to slayer. A few examples: Custom/recoloured slayer helms. Gearsets to match the slayer helms. Different "off-set" items matching the sets (capes, gloves, boots). All items would be untradable. If you have any ideas for changes to be made in the suggestion, please leave a reply. Thanks for reading, and I hope some of this will be added in the future! Have a nice day.
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    Im rocking the royal set with 120 slayer cape atm, really minimalistic, but i love it.

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