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  1. Buildawall

    Yeah I figured as much. I've only turned in one full set myself and I semi afked most of it. It worked out to be 1.5k kc per emblem for me on just averaging out 15000 ÷ 10.
  2. Buildawall

    This guide will be extended instead of a new post just were I left off for the time being.
  3. Buildawall

    Disclaimer. If you Have Not read the first part of my guide please visit. https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/topic/25317-2020-dreamscape-new-player-guide/ Let us continue. Now as suggested in the first guide ::mbox is you first relevant money maker turning in keys and boxes to the black market dealer. In doing so you should now have 99 prayer and roughly 1 Million DS coins from killing penguins. Once you have settled into the basic structure of this private server and have obtained both a. Trix Set: & Frost bite staff: You will then be ready to start the daily grind from the early game to the mid game. The early game grind can be rough as a lot of the content is useless for you to participate in for a while. So at this point we want to focus on filling in are empty equipment slots, completing slayer task, unlocking slayer prestige shops, and completing daily task. Stuff to buy ::market Infernal boots: Cost: 1M - 1.3M DS Coins. Stats: Magic Attack: +505. Magic Defense: +505. Mage Dmg: +1.01%. Prayer: +101. They are not the best, since Trix doesn't have boots they are good enough for the price. Infernal kite shield: Cost: 1M - 1.5M DS Coins. Stats: Magic Attack: +505. Magic Defense: +505. Mage Dmg: +1.01%. Prayer: +101. Not the best Off-hand in game but it will do for now. Groudon Pet: Cost: 600k - 850k DS Coins. Stats: Drop Rate: +15%. Double Drop Rate: +15%. This is a great pet to start off with and it has an ::upgrade. Just buy these items, at this stage in the game killing bosses for there loot is inefficient for normal play . Free Obtainable equipment: DO NOT USE VOTE TICKETS! Items listed in order to obtain. Double XP Ring: Cost: Not tradable. Obtained with mystery boxes. Optional. Stats: N/A Fairly self explanatory it doubles XP gained helpful for skilling and slayer. Ring of Wealth (i): Cost: 1.6M - 2.2M DS Coins Or 1k PK points. Stats: Drop Rate: +10% This is a must have, you can snag it super quick by doing revs. American Boxing Gloves: Cost: 700k - 1M DS Coins. Or 750 Training Points. Stats: Attack Bonus: Stab: +303 Slash: +1010 Crush: +303 Magic: +303 Range: +303 Defense Bonus: Stab: +303 Slash: +303 Crush: +303 Magic: +303 Range: +303 Other Bonuses: Strength: +303 Prayer: +303 These are great for how easy they are to get, you can also replace them with infernal gloves, but I find these just fine especially for free. Collector's Necklace: Cost: 5.5M - 7M DS Coins. Or 3k Slayer points. Or 12k PK points. Stats: Prayer: +1 Special effect: Picks up all Drops and banks them for you. This is a must have item and you will use this for most of the early and even mid game its just so strong even without any useful stats. ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Obtaining Free items: Double XP Ring: This part is completely optional but I do recommend it for grinding out slayer so you can prestige faster. There's two ways to go about this the quick way and the slow but cheap way. The quick way : Go to ::shops trade The black market dealer and buy all your mystery boxes and open them. The slow but FREE way: Return to ::mbox and start killing penguins allover again. Just rinse and repeat until you get one. Ring of Wealth (i): This is another easy to obtain item I strongly recommend buying this with PK Points it's free that way and fairly fast. I already have a guide on killing revs for Pk points. https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/topic/25325-2020-revenants-guide/&tab=comments#comment-170468 ^ So please refer to my revs guide for all PK Point Information. American Boxing Gloves: Once again this is a quick and easy item to obtain I personally prefer the Free method. Go to ::train and just start killing whatever is there DON'T BE RUDE! DON'T CRASH OTHERS! Kill 750 Monsters in ::train and talk to train point shop. Buy the gloves and done. Collectors Necklace: I can't stress this enough you must get this item. If you find yourself rich go ahead and buy this , I feel that the PK point shop is the best way to obtain this for free, as I think slayer points are best saved for other items. so to obtain this for free refer to my revs guide. v https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/topic/25325-2020-revenants-guide/&tab=comments#comment-170468 ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Early to Mid Game grind: Daily Task: As suggested daily task should be done daily, using ::home you will find the Daily Task Manager directly west of the ::home teleport location. Once you talk to the task manager your chat box will give you four options. Easy: This is more or less up to you I personally don't find the rewards worth the time. Intermediate: These are defiantly worth doing you have a chance at a few good items to sell , and its usually quick to finish these. Hard: Great reward opportunity's. "Most of the time you get garbage," these can have a bit of a grind but it's not that bad. Expert: They have the best rewards but during early and mid game play they take so long not worth it in my opinion. Once you select the desired difficulty you will have one of three task to complete you need only to complete one of them. Once you have completed one of the three daily task you will receive DS coins and a notification in game chat. After completion return to the Daily Task Manager at ::home and talk to it. Click Spin! to claim your reward. The same will go for all task difficulty's just rinse and repeat you can complete all four task difficulty's every 24 hours. I personally recommend doing just the intermediate and hard task every day. Thanks again for reading I'll be sure to have updates to this guide on what to do later such as slayer with in-depth shop benefit. All criticism welcome. AND ::Vote EVERY 12 HOURS! {(0_o)}
  4. Buildawall

    Username: BUILDAWALLRank In-game: Extreme Donator.Proof (screenshot):
  5. Buildawall

    Because of the cumulative value allows you to buy every item in the shop. And I didn't notice a difference in drop rate.
  6. Buildawall

    Revenants Guide. Getting Started. This guide is going to walk you threw one of the better money makers, for early to mid game players of Dream Scape. Before we get started I will explain how the revenant system works in Dream Scape . When Killing revenants we are looking mostly for one drop. The first and most important drop is. Mysterious Emblems. Mysterious emblems are gathered in a numerical order then turned into the wilderness shop. Each emblem has a point value based on the numerical value of said emblem. You will always need to carry your highest level emblem in your inventory. For example if you have no emblems revenants will only drop T1 emblems. If you have a T1 in your inventory you will then obtain a T2. I recommend Building up from T1 too T10 before trading in. Other drops include 1. Bracelet of ethereum. and 2. Home (+) Tablet You may want to gather a few of each of these especial Fig #2. Home(+) Tablets allow you to teleport out of the wilderness at any level. Exchanging Emblems for P.K. Points The Shop. Using the command ::shops head towards the Wilderness Shop. Right clicking the shop will give you two options trade and emblems. Selecting emblems will turn in ALL OF THEM, INCLUDING the ones in your bank. Below is a diagram of all the items and point values of how much they cost. Gear Recommendations. This is the basic setup I use. Head: Trix Helmet Neck: Trix amulet Cape: Fallen Death Cape U Chest: Trix PlateBody Legs: Trix PlateLegs Feet: Infernal boots Wrist: Bracelet of ethereum Main-Hand: Khione's Staff Off-Hand: Infernal kiteshield Ring: Ring Of wealth (i) NEVER! Forget your Bracelet of ethereum! YOU WILL DIE!!!!!. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Locating Revenants. Location. Revenants are located under the boss section located in the teleport interface. Once you arrive head north and stand at this location. From this position you can attack all of the highlighted creatures without moving, except for the dragon. Depending on r.n.g your results may differ but i got my T10 at around 15k KC. Enjoy. Conclusion (o_0) Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you made it this far please leave feed back so I can become better at making guides of all sort.
  7. Buildawall

  8. Buildawall

    Welcome To DreamScape Getting Started. You will first encounter this screen. Normal mode will give you normal xp rates along with normal drop rates. The other two are Iron man accounts and have boosted drop rates at the cost of slower xp rates. This guide will only focus on the Normal Mode of Dream Scape. If it's your first time playing Dream Scape please use the tutorial they give. Starting the actual game. After you finish the tutorial you will be placed at Dream Scape ::home The very first thing you should do is complete your Starter Task. DO NOT USE ! The Crystal Keys Or Mystery Boxes. ::Vote every 12 Hours. Once you have completed the Starter tasks, It's time to ::vote. voting is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT as it give you an assortment of items and boxes every 12 hrs and it only takes two minutes. To vote simply type ::vote in game chat and a web page will pop up allowing you to vote three times. After you finish voting you will receive three ::redeem codes. To ::redeem your DS coins and vote tickets type in All Chat { ::redeem XXXXXX }. Example: ::redeem 135ed33 So now you have three loot boxes and, or donor tickets and 3 Vote tickets and have no idea what to do with them. Type in game chat ::market and right click the Marketplace Manager, then select Open marketplace. Now is the time view the P.O.S system. Player Owned Shops. Check items received from ::vote value by using the item search function inside of the POS interface. Once you have found the lowest value for your vote item(s) use the sell function in the POS interface. Once items are sold claim your DS coins, as highlighted in white above. Gear up. Once you have navigated to the P.O.S start searching for Trix Armor. Once you find it buy the gear each piece should only cost 30k-100k DS coins only. This is the best gear in the game to start out with. (stats) Attack Bonus Stab: +1515 Slash: +1515 Crush: +1515 Magic: +1515 Ranged: +1515 Defense Bonus Stab: +1515 Slash: +1515 Crush: +1515 Magic: +1515 Ranged: +1515 Other Bonuses Strength: +1515 Rng Str: +1515 Mage Dmg: +99.99% Prayer: +251 Now that we have the Trix Armor it's time to buy a good weapon for each of the combat skills. For melee we want the golden katana or Royal Sicle (U) Both of which are extremely cheap 1k-25k. For ranged the duel Baretta's are just fine to reach 99 with, you get them at the start of the game. And for magic your going after a Frostbite Staff . This staff is a very powerful weapon and it cost around 1M DS coins. Stats Attack Bonus Stab: +40 Slash: +40 Crush: +40 Magic: +376 Range: +40 Defense Bonus Stab: +0 Slash: +0 Crush: +0 Magic: +90 Range: +0 Other Bonuses Strength: +0 Rng Str: +0 Mage Dmg: +15.15% Prayer: +141 This staff also has an awesome effect, it cast without the need of any runes and it has a special variant of ice barrage. (Yes it's AOE.) Now your ready. So now that we are all geared up we head to ::mbox. First equip your gear then bank everything else, while at ::mbox kill all of the small penguins and pick up their bones, crystal keys, and mystery boxes. After you get about 150 or so penguin bones return to ::home and use them on the alter you should now have 99 Prayer. Now type in game chat ::shops. Crystal keys sell for 1500 DS coins Each and Mystery Boxes sell for 1000 DS Coins Each. Now you have the basic tools to enjoy the game go explore and check out all Dream Scape has to offer. Quick Guide Step: 1 . Pick game mode. Step: 2 . complete starter task. Step:3 ::vote and ::redeem. Step:4 Buy Trix armor set and Frost bite staff. Step: 5 Go to ::mbox and kill penguins for bones, crystal keys, and mystery boxes. Step: 6 Go to ::home and use bones on the alter for 99 Prayer. Step: 7 Go to ::shops and trade The Black Market Dealer. Step: 8 Play the game and go explore. Edit: Part 2 Is Out. https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/topic/25354-2020-dreamscape-new-player-guide-part-2/ Thanks again for reading. All criticism welcome. AND ::Vote EVERY 12 HOURS! {(0_o)}

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