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  1. #DsgangNo.1!!!
    No rsps will take us down, we are 1 strong family, Love yall, hope you have a great day

  2. babytracer

    Another one! Thank you chuck so much for these amazing events, we really appreciate your time and work on ds. Tysm again, Take care DSGANG NO.1
  3. until

    Gonna make it!! GOOD LUCK DSGANG!! DSGAND #1
  4. babytracer

    Thanks chuck and nala and (gya) for hosting these amazing sick events!! KEEP IT UP! LOVE THE #DSGANG TYSM!!!! K3 Boss
  5. Chuck, Nala Thanks for hosting these amazing events, Also thx for Hc Gya, For helping Nala host these amazing events K3 good luck
  6. until

    Please god let me win, I got cleaned and lost 1st, imma quit dicezone just make my day #dsgods good luck tho
  7. babytracer


    Sign me in boss, I'll 100% catch it
  8. Love the #dsgang

  9. babytracer

    Username: Babytracer Rank in game: Sponsor Proof:
  10. babytracer


    G00D LUCK
  11. babytracer


    good luck babes
  12. until

    Good luck babes
  13. babytracer


    I'll be there Good luck #dsgang

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