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  1. until

    gl people
  2. babytracer

    Thanks for everyone that voted for me, Thank you Bodhi for giving the chance to be motm this month, and I appreciate all of you people, Thank you so so much #dsgang ❤️
  3. Wish you a great day ❤️


  4. #dsgang ❤️


  5. babytracer

  6. babytracer

    YouTube videos, or just some music to sing along while clicking the npc's
  7. What a beautiful day it is indeed


  8. babytracer

    Thank you bodhi for nominating me into this topic, I realy appreciate it, Good luck to you guys! If u need help at anything in-game dm me Woofy in discord Babytracer in game
  9. until

    I'll be there boss!
  10. Wassup my guy


    1. babytracer


      Ayyyyyy you found me finally xd


  11. #DsgangNo.1!!!
    No rsps will take us down, we are 1 strong family, Love yall, hope you have a great day

  12. Another one! Thank you chuck so much for these amazing events, we really appreciate your time and work on ds. Tysm again, Take care DSGANG NO.1
  13. until

    Gonna make it!! GOOD LUCK DSGANG!! DSGAND #1
  14. Thanks chuck and nala and (gya) for hosting these amazing sick events!! KEEP IT UP! LOVE THE #DSGANG TYSM!!!! K3 Boss
  15. Chuck, Nala Thanks for hosting these amazing events, Also thx for Hc Gya, For helping Nala host these amazing events K3 good luck

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