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  1. Keep a smile on your face ❤️

  2. Yea as adams said some npc are located at places that were in old home the home that u access by completing strykewyrm, would be cool if they could be at current home
  3. Best of luck to you 3 My vote is in
  4. Bug fixes always happy to see those Also happy to see dynamics and other boxes are stackable now Can't wait for that hydra too 😄 Awesome Fixes CJ
  5. Hello warface2 Am glad to hear that you are enjoying dreamscape Hope you have the best experience of the #1 rsps
  6. Thats some good money bro, wow wish i had those atm, lookin kinda broke 😄
  7. wont be there but best of luck to everyone that's going to participate in this event!!
  8. #DSGANG NUMBER 1!!!

  9. Me my self am not an OG but i totally agree with you, DS is the greatest rsps server out there, From its custom weapons to it custom skills such as gamble / scav and karma. I also would give a huge thanks for the Staff / Development team. DS community is no doubt the best rsps community IMO. And i am sure this server could get a lot bigger if it stays there with the quality and the amazing changes it provided.
  10. Happy to have you back Yennir. Dreamscape has had alot of huge and great updates. Will take you some time to get used to everything Enjoy your stay with us mate
  11. Great job on what you do in wiki Jess
  12. Taco taco, You are very welcome to dreamscape man Hope you get along with our players Wish you enjoy your stay with us #dsgangforlife
  13. Hope you have a great day today, ❤️ 

  14. I love farming, herblore, fishing and cooking maybe like make them an animated skill cape, like 120 scavenger has 1
  15. The higher your the level of the skill the more amount of xp you get, and 2x xp ring makes it scale.
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