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  1. until

    woot got second place fun event ty guys
  2. gg man nice bit of boxes there open the dynamics and try for shadow pet or emp nec gl on next opening
  3. ybanned

    some sweet flash give aways here i like them alot. wondering who won the skull descimator main hand would be sweet to get my hands on one.
  4. always fun times at these events
  5. until

    am here at this event always fun times gonna try to win this one!!!!
  6. ybanned

    the new home looks great guys nicely designed. looking forward to more new updates IG Name: ybanned
  7. ybanned

    issue is the 2 replant flowers black and white. I feel 2 is to many replant chances and also when u plant 3 blacks or 3 whites and lose to a pair cause u busted after u planted a oak of black or white its kinda not fair. easy fix either remove a flower(black or white) or make one of them count like the rest of the colors. this wont hurt any eco or players and will make for smoother and shorter flower pokers to cause iv gone 13 rounds before cause of replants hope this is a possability
  8. until

    fun tourney ty nala always a good time
  9. until

    ye fun event love it even though i didnt win anything at it still fun to be at
  10. ybanned


    i was here and i won this one very fun times!!!!!
  11. ybanned


    im ybanned having fun in the fp tourney
  12. until

    fun events always love this server
  13. ybanned


    shedder here fun times!!!

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