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  1. Pvmabuse

    Goodluck all! ❤️
  2. Pvmabuse

    the weapons r strong I agree but they r dead content already as they are single target the skot weps went from 2b on release to not even reaching 750m now.. new content was released to make people do them and now no 1 is doing them cos it isn't worth the time cos none of the items sell.. therefore the new content being released was a waste of time in some people eyes.. was just an idea which could of helped
  3. Pvmabuse

    Was just wondering on if any 1 else liked the idea of maybe adding skotizo wep upgrade totems to it. this could possibly make skot weapons aoe and even though skot weps have just come into game they seem to be dead content already as they are only single target where if u could upgrade them using a totem or something it could make them aoe and make skotizo more worth doing again? was just something I thought of and was wondering every 1 elses thoughts on this?
  4. Pvmabuse

    I was also wondering about seeing if it was possible to add the icons to black market dealer aswell that u get from mega rare drop table unsure on a price for them though also other items such as: trix orb (incase u have mutples ) brutal whips ( shadow shasta etc ) gold chains assault rifles just basically things people can get multples of just an idea I am unsure on prices of these to be sold for so if any 1 has any ideas on that would be greatly appreciated
  5. Pvmabuse

    Atm its not possible to note items which u can either sell to the black market dealer or even in bulk to other players. If it is possible to make these noted from the bank would be a nice addition. It could benefit a lot of players who have bulk items which could be sold to the black market dealer or even other players. I don't think there is any negatives on this idea as it should benefit all players one way or the other. also if it would be possible to add trix items to the black market dealer also as there is a lot coming into game and there is nothing to do with it so maybe have it set at 50k a piece maybe? even though its better than blizzard which sells for 100k a piece. Many thanks Pvmabuse

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