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    Chuck (Owner) A very helpfull guy> CjBear (Co-Owner) I have not talked with him yet , but probably will be nice since he's staff Manager(s) Feeds (Server Manager) very very good guy. Lt Limes (Head Support) Kind person Administrator(s) Jason (Administrator) very passionate about the server, super cool person Australia (Administrator) sweet and kind person and respectful. Bodhi (Forum Administrator, Server Support) He's Good Administor , he does his job in a very good way. Moderator(s) Regis (In-Game Moderator) i have not spoken to him yet , i heared he is good. Server Support(s) Jota (Server Support) extremely helpful, and very active staff Afade (Server Support) Super helpful and kind What do you think of the Server? Is there something you'd like to see change? this server is very good and old server , every time it gets update by a new bosses/and events and more , so its my #1 server . What do you think of our latest updates? On what should we focused at? I think everything's worked out great

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