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  1. OwaisQadri100

    Dreamscape,8 ball pool,underworld empire, and PS4
  2. OwaisQadri100

    Alright thank you guys.
  3. OwaisQadri100

    Hello, I want to know some stuff about lamps so can someone help me by answering the questions below: how much xp do lamps give? With 2xp ring how many lamps is it for 150 from 120? With 2xp ring Thanks
  4. Play DS all day

  5. OwaisQadri100

    You will have plenty of mystery boxes and crystal keys
  6. OwaisQadri100

    Listen to music or watch something 😄
  7. OwaisQadri100

    Really helpful just a shame I am stuck on xebos
  8. OwaisQadri100

    I think like 100 :P

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