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  1. Have a nice weekend everybady!

  2. Hc Circle

    Welcome to Dreamscape, I hope your gonna enjoy your stay!
  3. Happy valentine day everybady!

  4. Hc Circle

    Nice to bring the community together! cant wait to see yall
  5. Hc Circle

    I would love to see this, but as Penn Jr said it was declined before.
  6. Have a nice day everyone! #DSGANG

  7. Hc Circle

    Awesome guide, will help alot of new players within the game!
  8. Hc Circle

    I like your idea, would make the POS more efficient. Hence you have my vouch
  9. Back from Madrid, looking to see yall playing #DSGANG

    1. Hc gya

      Hc gya

      Welcome back brother!

    2. Craftys


      Welcome back man! #DSGANG

  10. Hc Circle

    Best of luck with your guild!
  11. Hc Circle

    Welcome Joey to this awesome DS community, If you need any help feel free too message me (I am also from the Netherlands 😄).
  12. Hc Circle

    That is a huge goal, I wish you the best of luck with this awesome goal!
  13. Hc Circle

    I love to see this being implented which makes Mega Rare Drop Table even more desired for Executive/plat members to use it! The Skotizo weapons are indeed a little bit underwhelming in my opinion and this idea would make them on pair with BFG9000.

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