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  1. Hc Circle

    Welcome to this awesome community! I hope your gonna enjoy your stay with us 😄. If you need any assistance feel free to message me ingame!
  2. Hc Circle

    I kinda agree with your suggestions, but one of the unique things about Revenants is that they drop their Revenants Ether. Perhaps make it so that the bracelet needs to be charged with Ether? and let it automatically pick up the Ether?
  3. Eat, sleep, Dreamscape repeat

  4. Congratz to all the winners of week 3 events!
  5. Hc Circle

    A very well detailed starter guide, this will 100% help new players out.
  6. Hc Circle

    Good looking deals! cant wait to see them ingame.
  7. Hope everyone has a nice day!

  8. Hc Circle

    Welcome to this awesome community! I hope you are gonna enjoy your stay with us. #DSGANG
  9. Hc Circle

    Thanks for the update!, congratz to all the promotions.
  10. Hc Circle

    Like 47k
  11. Hc Circle

    I kinda agree with most of what you said, but having an iron man means you have too grind and it has to be a challenge to earn the items.
  12. Have a wonderfull day everyone!

  13. until

    Goodluck everybady participating.
  14. Very nice events, cant wait to see the community together!

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