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  1. Hell! YEAH!!!! GZZZZZ TO ALL!
  2. Glad to get the patch out for all the crucial fixes! Enjoy guys!
  3. Some of the deals listed are currently the only way to obtain limited stock custom items that are ALL tradable. We may offer a goodiebag island, goodiebag picks but this does not stack as a solo donation with admin based alerts eg free box. You can only claim once one of the admins are online; LT LIMES, Dutch, Jason, Vaider (if you claim when an admin is offline you will not be able to redeem the offer so please remember to do ::staff) The items donated from the store will be needed to be traded over to redeem your bonus items You can not change stated displayed items with
  4. I am so sorry! Please message Adams where the mistakes are so we can fix!
  5. Excited for the new week to come!

  6. #DSGANG amazing day with you guys

  7. This update took a bit to get out but I'm glad we were finally able to get it out to the #DSGANG
  8. It is forum currency, as of right now it has no uses!
  9. Had an amazing day with  you guys! Cant wait for the new week

  10. Thank you for your feedback!! We love them and glad they are apart of the team!
  11. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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