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    Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else even cared.
    They have money for war but can’t feed the poor.
    During your life, never stop dreaming. No one can take away your dreams.
    Whatever you see you gotta keep a sense of humor; you gotta be able to smile through all the bullshit.
    R.I.P Tupac

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  1. Mangoow

    its true infinty key would need to be something done with. but in my opinion its way better to enchant 10 keys into a (u) key , for better loot. for now i dont see the problem on the infinty keys. no vouch
  2. Mangoow

    very profitable for new players , but will it also benefit when your made progess already? Neutral
  3. Mangoow

    also having the same problems with my iron man so it would be amazing
  4. love to see how much people were waiting for this! lets go boys!
  5. Mangoow

    looks cool man ! good to see some useble stuff in it!
  6. Mangoow

    i love to see a daily task store. very useble for ironmans. vouch
  7. Mangoow

    i think you have a point here , but i dont see how they can make it work. but if it works would be amazing
  8. Mangoow

    damn nice grindings , hope to see more!
  9. Mangoow

    nice work !
  10. Mangoow

    looks juicy ^^.
  11. Mangoow

    nice work sambjj
  12. until

    nice event , keep up doing the event alot of fun! gl all guys
  13. until

    goodluck all

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