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  1. Dreamland Grind Completed, was painful.
  2. in no particular order Diablo JR battle pet, Elite Clues or Blackmarket Captain America Shield if you can't get a restore prayer pet. Yeezy's, Scavenger shop (75 Scavenger required) Mystic Boots -> Quantumn, Daily tasks Hard, Elite Daily Tasks, Goodieboxes Mystic -> Space boxing gloves, Loyalty points, Goodieboxes, Mystic Level 3/Fortune Level 3/Favour Level 3, Box of wisdom Scroll of Fire, Wilderness Store Trix Amulet(i), Individual Pieces from Blackmarket, Orb From Scavenger Store(75 Scavenger Required) Eternal Crystal armor, B
  3. The main issue with instance manager is that none of it is relevant but so is majority of the bosses on the server at this time. The only relevant monster in the instance manager is tank boss, and it is barely relevant. As of the black market update. But there's also a very limited list of bosses even worth doing at this time. (Though tank boss could be buffed up to be a viable farm for tactical or event boxes. to upgrade into BFG but doesn't matter) Hydra, Skotizo, Nightmare, (all of which don't make sense to be in the manager) Very limited use Hades, Undead
  4. If ya need a breakdown of what you could do to progress you can hit me up. Though i'll give ya hint which is that you should try get the best possible gear from the black market dealer
  5. Gimmie your vol orb luck Heph LUL, i can barely afford to keep using the staff +29 avengers arcade +35168/60000 to next boot
  6. Major updates: Sang Staff acquired 27 kc TOB +10 TOB +166 kc nightmare Cake Boss Count has been updated
  7. OG dragon grind completed at 2047 KC +2 more seasonals (nothing) +279 Nightmare KC (4x dream body(melee) 24x tabs) [thanks fire twist] Coin Count added +1 grinder coin. +5 additional seasonals (nothing)
  8. Sitting at OG for 100kc each day, then sitting at cake boss all the other time between events.
  9. +300 kc at OG, Dream Legs +49 kc at nightmare (4 tactical boxes) +2 kismet boxes from cake boss +9 seasonals (nothing) +5 Seasonal(nothing) +1 Grinder Coin
  10. Oof you dropped to rocking the same gear I was on 19 dec GL and gamble less hehe, or make sure to make your main gear untradeable
  11. +350 kc at OG no drops +81 kc at nightmare no drops +3 seasonals opened nothing Nutella: I got infernal pickaxe that i forgot to list there and a lava sled future king of sleds xp other than that not much.
  12. Bandage completed +256 kc on nightmare +250 kc on OG +700 mil spent on vending 1 lava sled + 1 normal sled +23 more seasonals +350 event boxes opened 1 usp + 1 ump(silenced) + 2 m4a4 asimov No other notable items.
  13. Ironman Progression Tracking: Current Grind: Hydra 30/? (fero glove, brimstone ring, claw) To Do: Avengers 59/? (thanos pet, possible gauntlet) DC 1/? (Batman) Cake boss 10123/? (space virtus legs, bfg) [11 1/2k drops] TOB 34/ 750 or 1650(ghrazi (possible bfg) + justicar) [27 kc Sang Staff] Nightmare 1493/? (nightmare staff + orb, possible nightmare scroll) 5982 Coins/20k Coins. Vorkath 0/? (Melee Shield , Ancient Wyvern) Skotizo 13/? (Skotizo armor set + Possible bow) Raiden 101/? (Obsidian Virtus) Diablo 134/? (Dia
  14. I would at least suggest an ironman only npc if it's not feasible to have it as one for everyone's use. As completing sets as an ironman is very rare especially with items of high rarity.
  15. I said I would. https://youtu.be/OAgfOIp3OSY
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