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  1. Mr Crowley

    That's awesome! Didn't expect you guys to actually do it 😛
  2. Mr Crowley

    I don't know if making bonds untradeable is really the solution here, but we definitely have a problem with bonds. Why would someone sell a $30 donation for 200M if they can purchase $30 worth of bonds and sell them all for 500-600m? I really don't know how to fix this, but maybe set a maximum price for a $5 bond the same way that a $30 donor has a max price?
  3. Nice update as always! Really glad you guys listened to everyone about the ELO system. It's things like this that makes dreamscape #1 private server.
  4. Mr Crowley

    IRON HELP A friendly ironman clan Need help progressing through the game? Nobody answering your questions on help cc? Want to share your knowledge about the game? Just want to chat with other ironman? The "Iron Help" clan chat was made just for you! RANKING SYSTEM Non ironman Early game ironman Mid game ironman Late game ironman Clan moderators Dreamscape staff Clan admins
  5. Mr Crowley


    Hey brother, welcome back!! Hit me up in-game, let's get to know each other
  6. Mr Crowley

    I don't like how you guys are nerfing all the good money makers on the game. I used to make money by doing either arcade or revenants, but recently you guys MORE THAN DOUBLED the price of the dynamic mystery box from the arcade shop and you also literally DOUBLED the price of tactical box from the wilderness store. And it's not like those money-making methods were OP and needed to be nerfed. They were just decent at best. With the gear that I have, i used to make 1 dynamic mystery box per hour at arcade, which was about 3-4m dscoins per hour. At revenants, i used to make 2 tactical boxes per hour, which was about 2-3m dscoins per hour. This was not OP at all and didn't need to be nerfed. Also, I heard that on the last update you guys halfed the drop rate at executive zone (I can't be sure about this one because i'm not executive, but someone who is told me that), which is absolutely bullshit. Players who spend $900 on a rank should AT LEAST get a decent money maker. I'm really scared that you guys are going to nerf Abyssal Sire or the Strykewyrm minigame next.
  7. Good update. Really like the enchantment system.
  8. Mr Crowley

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