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    What is the content called: The Clue Ring How does it work? It's a ring with 0 bonuses at all (giving up luck, dr etc) for a greatly increased chance of receiving elite & dream clue scrolls. What rewards does it give? Nothing needs to be changed in regard to dream/elite clues imo. The item itself is obtained through normal/hard clue scrolls. How will it benefit server/players? Clue scrolls being done more often and along with some other QoL clue content I suggested in the bug event @Jason hosted, I think clues will be more enjoyable! How could it be expanded in the future? Not sure about this, I dont feel like it's needed to be expanded. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) More Dream/Elite clue items will be brought in the game, the only negative thing could be the price of the Super Dono Ticket will lower, other than that nothing.
  2. Chiffon Cake

    Bugs 1. The refferal system doesn't seem to work properly. ::reff doesn't do anything at all. 2. When getting the clue step at the "Tree gnome village boxes", you don't have to go there, you can click the boxes just outside of Ardougne (which is better imo, we have to walk stupidly long to get there). 3. Sonic's at ::train don't contribute to the amount of training points you get. (due to their 250hp instead of 1000)? 4. Moparscape vote link doesn't work or is outdated. 5. When u check drops for the corporal beast, it shows only 1 whip, from what I remember there are more drops from corp. Quality of Life 1. Clue teleport scrolls, this is an item that could potentially be for both iron/normal mode accounts. A clue scroll teleport (1 consumes per use) to teleport to a certain location. Let's say It'll become a reward from hard/elite clues? Maybe 10 at a time or something? It would be nice to be able to just tele to some places in order to speed up the clue progess. 2. When typing certain things in the ::wiki (for example ::wiki icy skeleton) it usually refers to a page that's said: Did you mean Icy Skeleton? Maybe it'd be nice to just open the corresponding page immediatly. Extra: 3. Remove minibosses from Slayer tasks, they're a pain to do and take very long, for very bad rewards. 4. It'd be cool to have an option to set which "home" you want to use. As a 2015 player, I prefer the old home over the new one (sorry devs, it does look amazing), maybe an npc where you can set which home you want to go when typing ::home? Improvement (300 words max) - Upon going to Xebos for the first time, you're forced to do the karma quest. I think it'd be better to make it an optional thing, so certain people, and especially Ironman can get their event boxes from xebos without having to do the karma quest first, xebos isn't that hard to complete normally, but with the minions it takes way too long to even be worth doing (literally over 6 hours). I'd just say make it an optional thing to do the quest first, not a forced thing.

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