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  1. Sinzzu

    ing : sinzzu rank : extreme donor Proof :
  2. Sinzzu

    i have a great idea how to fix the eco problem , let people who enjoy 1shotting stuff etc stay on old dreamscape, but for the people who would wanna start fresh there would be ds2.0 with 2015 client (obv. the bug fixes takes for ages) but make it so eco starts fresh and old customs would actually matter. appriciate it yours. sinzzu
  3. Sinzzu

    yeah mate no more upgrading thats boring and will just hurt the eco eventually making other items pointless. just saying upgrading at somepoint is still ok but idk there are so many atm i wouldnt pass this.
  4. is voting down ?

    1. Javier


      I believe its still down. Limes took it down for some maintenance

    2. christmass3


      yea has been down for a day or two now

  5. Sinzzu

    been here since 2014 first week of the game launch there aint many of us left
  6. Sinzzu

    i dont eat im on a low carb diet
  7. Sinzzu

    winter hween

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