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    Bugs 1.If u try to buy an item from the train shop it will say u don't have enough points even if u do. 2. If u use dream pot (24) then play for like 2 hours leave come back the other day get on then relog it will add extra mins to the pot. 3. Complete a daily task head home and when spin it and quickly switch to airplane mode and u'll get x2 the reward. 4. If u tele to duel arena u don't switch clans u stay in help cc and if u gamble it will announce in the help cc. 5. Sometimes u appear offline to players even tho u are online Quality of Life 1. Make leveling up karma easier 2. Change the max pot for the 55x2 gambler at ;;dicezone Improvement (300 words max) 1. I think you should lower the hp for xebos the first time killing It would make it easier for the new players