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  1. Watch me snipe that infinity aura KekW

  2. Gya

    This is actually a great idea I don't see players using melee its like left in the dust. That would revive it! Vouch!!
  3. Gya

    Welcome back aieron! enjoy your stay fam if you need anything slide in my dms. ^.^ Glad to have you back!
  4. Gya

    Damn that's nice Keep us updated! And good luck ^^
  5. until

    Good luck everyone there Butttttttt we already know that imma win
  6. Have a nice day DS

    love yall

  7. Gya

    Hello ownzpk! I'd suggest doing this: 1st: ::vote and sell the rewards for some starter cash ( sell the boxes and save the tickets) 2nd: Start doing daily tasks 3rd: Get bracelet of Ethereum with an AOE weapon like oblivion scythe/infinity gauntlet uncharged etc.. and try getting that khiones staff and avery ring from the wilderness shop at ::Shops 4th:Try out raids! I suggest doing ::joinraid1 and ::diablo Best of luck if you need anything dm me in game or on discord
  8. Gya

    Welcome back to DSGANG Enjoy your stay! If you need anything my dms are open
  10. Gya

    Hey man!! Welcome to Dreamscape! The best community u'll ever see! Enjoy your stay if you need anything slide in my dms! #DSGANG
  11. 😞 The weird feeling is back

    1. Javier


      ;-; im sorry bb, hope it passes soon x_x, feel free to pm me to talk as always

  12. Gya


    I'll be there
  13. Gya

    Vouch I had this problem when I used to do sire. I don't see anything wrong If you can yell there.
  14. until

    Good luck peeps

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