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  1. Hello guys as you can see im leaving ds due to things irl which is preventing me from playing Just wanted to say thanks for having me was fun while it lasted i'll check now and then to see how yall doing Short fearwell but oh well if I really want to type the things we been through ouf. Love you all thanks for having me was fun! Gya Out Peace
  2. Hey man sorry to hear that you lost your password Make a support ticket here on forums! and you will get respond as fast as possible!
  3. Hey man! I suggest doing this! First off ::vote and sell the rewards for starter money second start doing daily tasks start from easy and work your way up third Try out ::diablo and ::joinraid1 and do slayer and unlock sire its a good money making! Good luck
  4. Hey man pleasure having you back! feel free to pm me if you need help with anything enjoy your stay
  5. Ayya that's what I like to hear keep it up you 3 doing such an amazing job
  6. Gya

    Roses :D

    Welcome back roses pleasure having you back! looking forward to talk to you in game
  7. Congratz my boi willy 😁
  8. Gya


    Glad hearing that!! Keep it up @lewis99300 much love brotha ❤️
  9. Same here man battle grounds its fun
  10. Haha thats epic i love it I voted aswell 😁
  11. Such an amazing guide man that was for sure needed for new players I get some pms bout how sire works and you explained it perfectly
  12. Good luck on your goal! I love these type of goals thinking of doing mine soon! Keep us updated
  13. Hope everyone having a fantastic day love yall #DSGANG

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