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  1. Crepe

    Great job great job, High five!
  2. Crepe

    I agree with Jinx, nice guide. The picture have been added and really help break up the text. I still feel there needs to be a way to break up the monotony of the text walls. Creating headers that are a bit bigger and adding color can change the look of the guide and make it much more pleasing to the eyes. I would also take out this part: Spending the extra 30 minutes at ::mbox and getting a penguin staff is a complete game changer. Revs need the AoE to be worth it. If someone can't put in the 30 minutes to grind a penguin staff they won't be able to spend the time grinding in revs for the emblems. Over all. Nicely done. +1 man!
  3. Looking good looking good. Nice update lads!

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