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  1. My ING name is Crazy Eyes but I'd like to put up that I'm an extreme donator in the forums but I cannot. any feedback would be nice if I can change it or do I have to make a new one?
  2. Amazing Update keep it Going CJBEAR ❤️ your amazing with all the work and dedication you've put into this server. Greatly Appreciated ^^^ KEEPING IT #1
  3. Gadget

    BIG Vouch, Just because people don't want to see what can happen... it doesn't matter this will begin to make the server even bigger then it is. especially if you make the World 2 or PVP World as a Server where you cannot use OVERPOWERED GEAR. only use Choatic Raiper as the most powerful weapon. not an AK-47 Unless you plan to make our health a lot more then it is in MVP worlds. its def worth it to build on the Server and show what we are capable of as a community.

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