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    **Disclaimer: I have no idea what I'm doing.** Explanation: So I do this on most servers I've played on in the past decade or so, but have never documented my progress. Inspiration from @Alya's thread was a driving force behind me doing this so thanks Alya! I pick a combat style, only train/use that specific combat style for the entirety of the account and see how far into the game I can get. So I present to you duh duh duhhhhhhh! Mage 0nly! This is after 10 hours of gameplay, predominantly that time was spent on daily tasks & farming revenants. My Current Goals are as follows: Collectors Necklace (4400 Wildy Points to go) Elite Virtus Set (Infinity Chest) Will be best in slot for a long while with 1 defence. 81 Woodcutting (For those Magic log daily tasks) 85(?) Mining (For the Runite Ore daily tasks) Not being able to use most prayers will prove to be extremely difficult so a soulsplit pet will be my eventual goal once I've got my gear ready. Sorry its not much, I'm new to this! Will be updated as each goal gets complete/a new goal is thought of.

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