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  1. testingthiss

    Ironman in my opinion is in an awkward position at the moment in the game. They should work on the achievements for every game mode yeah. But ironman in my opinion isn't worth playing at the moment
  2. testingthiss

    Damn I have some catching up to do :DD
  3. testingthiss

    Just wanted to know all of your max hits? Mine atm - https://gyazo.com/0e7078f98df77c50565a7c055d146586
  4. Ay! look at my new profile picture :))


  5. Hello and welcome to the best custom rsps ever made! First up you should use command ::wiki gear in game https://dreamscape317.fandom.com/wiki/Gear But here are something to look for: "Weapon "Infinity gauntlets (charged) - around 500m Best in game magic weapon and I think the best weapon in game actually. for range weapon is bfg9000 and it's offhand version which are around 700m for both of them. Bfg9000 is better in the way that it hits instantly unlike the inf gaunts (charged) that have a slight delay at the start For now get money by ::vote and sell all of the rewards at ::market and buy "Oblivion scythe" "Armor" First when you're new to DS buy a Trix set! This is the cheapest and the best starter gear for new players! But for end game there are some good ones in order: Skotizo set, Space virtus set, dream mage set. All of them are +300m "Pet" Pets are the one thing you WANT to get. best pet in game is Ultron pet, but it's kinda hard to get even for us end game bois Pet you should be aiming for is "Thanos pet" "capes" cape you should be aiming for now is infernal cape. You get it from completing the arcade (minigame) which is kinda hard so I'd say you should try to get armor and good weapons for now. But for starter get blue death cape. "Boots" get something like dream wing boots that are less than 10k But boots you're looking for now are quantum boots "gloves" get something like american boxing gloves they're good till end game Kinda got tired at the end of this ;DD. If you have any questions you can ask them here on in game from me or the Clan chat! Remember there are no silly questions! Have fun and good luck on your journey adventurer!
  6. testingthiss

    Thanks guys <33 I've been in dreamscape for a better part of the year so :DD Kinda late XD love ya'll
  7. testingthiss

    You should listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rdaYPAXncw
  8. testingthiss

    What are your Hidden diamonds (artists/songs) For me Tresspasser - made by Subtronics I'd love to hear some gold from underrated artists If you have none tell me your favorite song :))
  9. testingthiss

    around 1b :)) Using samurai set as cometic (99 donor points) Also thanos pet :)) inf gaunts charged and ds icon :)) Cape - 99 slayer cape (untrimmed)
  10. testingthiss

    Just to get my post here Username: Testingthiss Rank in game: Sponsor Proof: https://gyazo.com/365db3bd7d6fdedd3c4eb4afcba34bcd P.S. Thanks to Bodhi for helping me out!
  11. testingthiss

    Ayo! Name's testingthiss (for your sake just call me test or testing if you want to be fancy boi) I dunno I'm making this kinda late as I lamost have bis gear already, but rather later than never am I right? Tbh I know my fair share of the game and server so if any of you new bois are there and need help drop me a pm and I'll see what I can do :)) P.S. Gya is my waifu <33
  12. testingthiss


    Ayy They're back!
  13. testingthiss


    Gl bois! Take the bread!

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