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  1. Looking forward to construction, but ngl this new daily rework is not good imo. Some people love it tho so nice. Maybe in the future I'll learn to love it
  2. Every single one of them are great! Couldn't decide between them! But if I had to I'd say abuse as I see him the most while I'm online :))
  3. Especially with the new updates it super good for raids and stuff 😄
  4. Like how you started by saying " mini update" XDD some servers would think this is one hell of an update XD
  5. I mean... yeah it can get super annoying at times, but yeah dunno what to say I'm just here to get my daily post :))
  6. Ironman in my opinion is in an awkward position at the moment in the game. They should work on the achievements for every game mode yeah. But ironman in my opinion isn't worth playing at the moment
  7. Ay! look at my new profile picture :))


  8. Hello and welcome to the best custom rsps ever made! First up you should use command ::wiki gear in game https://dreamscape317.fandom.com/wiki/Gear But here are something to look for: "Weapon "Infinity gauntlets (charged) - around 500m Best in game magic weapon and I think the best weapon in game actually. for range weapon is bfg9000 and it's offhand version which are around 700m for both of them. Bfg9000 is better in the way that it hits instantly unlike the inf gaunts (charged) that have a slight delay at the start Fo
  9. Thanks guys <33 I've been in dreamscape for a better part of the year so :DD Kinda late XD love ya'll
  10. Ayo! Name's testingthiss (for your sake just call me test or testing if you want to be fancy boi) I dunno I'm making this kinda late as I lamost have bis gear already, but rather later than never am I right? Tbh I know my fair share of the game and server so if any of you new bois are there and need help drop me a pm and I'll see what I can do :)) P.S. Gya is my waifu <33
  11. until

    Ayy They're back!
  12. until

    Gl bois! Take the bread!
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