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    1, in saying that if you have a 2 step authenticator you are safe from potential hackers because any unkown ip login will ping your authenticator. 1 pt2, you dont not have to give into beggers you can politely inform them that lending or giving is against the rules. Then suggest maybe mbox or revs or any money making mothed based on there position and gear. 2, as an eg, since everyone is raging on verloren for being current "eco" take into mind the rerise of prices that fell dramatically are now back to original prices and are stable. He himself is buying out pos on the daily redistributing dsCoin wealth and dripfeeding items back into game to keep economy flowing yet not umpteenmillion of the items for sale at minimum prices at bulk 3, take some platinum players aready think they are god teir level above everyone else and have such an inflated ego. The rank doesnt determine the personality and who a person is and how the react/act overall giving someone a title doesn't mean they're instantly above anyone they are just stated a rank based on current position