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  1. Ace123

    Welcome to #DSGANG, hope you enjoy your time in Dreamscape. If you are wondering about anything about the game, let me know! K3
  2. Ace123

    I got cleaned by @hc nine
  3. You hit us again with the amazing updates! K3
  4. Ace123

    Thanks for doing this, bodhi. Thanks to everyone who voted on me, I really prechate it #DSGANG.
  5. Ace123

    I agree with @Amfisca, Best of luck mate!
  6. Amazing work, Keep up with the awesome work!
  7. Ace123

    Keep up with the awesome work @Bodhi, #DSGANG prechates what you do for us.
  8. Ace123

    I agree with @Englog, Keep up with the good work!
  9. Ace123

    Username: Ace123 Rank In-game: Extreme DonatorProof (screenshot):
  10. Ace123

    Congrats man! I have spoken to you a few times, You deserve this rank.
  11. Ace123

    Awesome work mate!
  12. Ace123

    @Cjbear Mate, Amazing work. Keep up with what you are doing!
  13. Ace123

    Amazing work, @splitrunner, Keep going with that grind!
  14. Ace123

    Hello, Bodhi. Congrats man, I personally think that you will do amazing work as forum mod for #DSGANG.
  15. Ace123

    I agree with @Cjbear
  16. Ace123

    You've added hard work and dedicated a lot for Dreamscape especially on the forum. @Englog, congratulations as Forum Administrator. Regards. Ace123
  17. Ace123

    Hello, Cam. Welcome to #DSGANG.
  18. Ace123

    Hello, Hunterr. Welcome to Dreamscape, Happy to see you here! If you ever need help let me know, you can contact me via discord/in-game/forum. I hope you enjoy your time in Dreamscape.
  19. Man, where should I begin? These past months you guys been updating us with awesome and spectacular stuff, the staff team has worked hard and dedicated a lot so we #DSGANG can have fun in the best custom server. This is the reason why Dreamscape is top #1 best Runescape private server. Keep going with the awesome work! #DSGANG appreciates it.
  20. Ace123

    I agree with @MrGainz
  21. Ace123

    I must agree with @Rangers, You try always to help people whenever you can and we can see that you take this role seriously! We all are proud @Ninja.