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  1. Hello


  2. You left as a staff member @Feeds?


  3. Ace123

    I would say it's better to add it on the side of the client, under the open bank otherwise Vouch
  4. Ace123

    Welcome to #DSGANG, hope you enjoy your time in Dreamscape. If you are wondering about anything about the game, let me know! K3
  5. You hit us again with the amazing updates! K3
  6. Ace123

    Thanks for doing this, bodhi. Thanks to everyone who voted on me, I really prechate it #DSGANG.
  7. Ace123

    I agree with @Amfisca, Best of luck mate!
  8. Amazing work, Keep up with the awesome work!
  9. Ace123

    Keep up with the awesome work @Bodhi, #DSGANG prechates what you do for us.
  10. Ace123

    Congrats man! I have spoken to you a few times, You deserve this rank.
  11. Ace123

    Awesome work mate!
  12. Ace123

    @Cjbear Mate, Amazing work. Keep up with what you are doing!
  13. Ace123

    Amazing work, @splitrunner, Keep going with that grind!
  14. Ace123

    Hello, Bodhi. Congrats man, I personally think that you will do amazing work as forum mod for #DSGANG.
  15. Ace123

    I agree with @Cjbear
  16. Ace123

    You've added hard work and dedicated a lot for Dreamscape especially on the forum. @Englog, congratulations as Forum Administrator. Regards. Ace123
  17. Ace123

    Hello, Cam. Welcome to #DSGANG.
  18. Ace123

    Hello, Hunterr. Welcome to Dreamscape, Happy to see you here! If you ever need help let me know, you can contact me via discord/in-game/forum. I hope you enjoy your time in Dreamscape.
  19. Man, where should I begin? These past months you guys been updating us with awesome and spectacular stuff, the staff team has worked hard and dedicated a lot so we #DSGANG can have fun in the best custom server. This is the reason why Dreamscape is top #1 best Runescape private server. Keep going with the awesome work! #DSGANG appreciates it.
  20. Ace123

    I agree with @MrGainz

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